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July Haul + Cali Trip!

I mostly shopped from my staples Amazon and Target this month, as well as Walmart and Shein, and picked up one souvenir from Disneyland :) I found this Target dress in store and was such a fan, I ordered it in multiple colors to try.  Muscle Tank Dress , Esperanza Wedge Heels While in California, I forgot to bring a jacket so found this jean jacket that I loved in Target and bought in two colors, which is a surprise since I haven't liked any before this. I also picked up a sweater skirt too. :) Left to right: Slim Fit Tank , Bodycon Mini Sweater Skirt ,  Esperanza Wedge Heels ,  Girls' Button-Front Dress , Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket , Cushionaire recovery cloud slide While back-to-school shopping, I needed to get a pencil case from Shein so picked up a few outerwear pieces in anticipation of Fall to try too: There were also saw some Old Navy ads that caught my eye: Left to right: Puff Sleeve Dress , Clip-Dot Dress , Raw-Hem Sweatshirt , Quarter-Zip , StretchTech Quarter-Zip I

June Haul + Bug Tips

I'm trying to shop less after that big bag purchase and stick to basics. However, I've still been trying more sandals, dresses, and rompers in anticipation of our first trip out on a plane since 2020! I continued the Open Edit sandal obsession by trying another Remmy Twist Sandal in gold and some lace-up flat sandals: Left: Remmy Twist Sandal . Right: Tracee Ankle Tie Sandal As well as a super cute vest: Open Edit Utility Vest As always, here's this month's Target finds: Tops left to right: Striped Short Sleeve Linen T-Shirt , Long Sleeve Boyfriend Fit Linen Button-Down Shirt , Jaguar Color Block Sweatshirt , Patchwork Hooded Sweatshirt .  Left to right:  Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress ,  Easy Linen Tank Dress ,  Puff Short Sleeve Dress ,  Sleeveless Button-Front Romper , Muscle Tank Dress , Extended Shoulder Dress . I love switching up the straps of bags to give it a new feel so picked up two cute striped options from Amazon - this is one of them on my new XS Hourglass ba