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February Haul + Grocery Tips

Here's February's haul, which consists of things from Amazon and Target, of course, but also a cute new bag from Madewell and mom jeans from Zappos. I've lately been obsessed with the Balenciaga B small bag and XL B chain earrings because of the large B logo. The nude color of the bag that I want is unfortunately old so I'm hoping a similar color will come out again but meanwhile, I got this cute Madewell camera bag, which is a more polished version of the trendy casual belt bag and comes with two interchangeable straps. Madewell the Transport Camera Bag in Muted Olive As for the Balenciaga earrings, I don't think they're worth it so scoured Etsy and Amazon. Etsy had dupes that looked like it but I actually really like these black ones from Amazon for a more subtle look. While at it, I ordered a bunch of other styles and like these gold huggie hoops too:  Black B earrings , gold huggie hoops I really liked the mom jeans I got from AE here and regret returning th