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January Haul + 2021 Road Trips

It's a new year and of course I start this month off with tons of shopping... more than enough to make up for the lack of shopping I did over the last half year. I was both heavily influenced on social media and on the hunt for specific items, which led me to get stuff from a whopping eight different places so this will be a long one. Here are the items that sparked my shopping and how everything subsequently spiraled out of control: 1. Athletic Double Layer Shorts - I saw these really cute Spanx Booty Boost Double Layer Shorts on an influencer who said they were on sale but I felt they were still way too expensive. It made me realize I don't have shorts that would be good for handball and these would be perfect since they have a bike short underneath so I found dupes on Amazon and ordered four of them. I ended up liking two of them and am so happy I got them for a fraction of the price. Left: Ksmien Women's 2 in 1 Running Shorts  in XS. Right: CRZ YOGA Women Mid-Rise Wor