March Haul + Grand Cayman Island!

March's haul consists of just two items each from Express and Target.

I stopped by Express to use some coupons I had that were going to expire soon and loved all the new colors they had on the floor - dusty blues, pinks, and cocoa. I ended up trying on a few things but purchased online instead since they don't carry XXS in stores. It is awesome though that they can buy it online for you in store and ship to you for free.
Express Halter Neck Smocked Peplum Tank in Blue Dusk & Cocoa size XS - I didn't love how these fit but I do love the colors!

Express Pleated Balloon Sleeve Shirt in Cocoa size XS - I loved how this draped and ended up ordering this in every color in size XXS to try on below.

Express Lace Puff Sleeve Tee in Truffle Pink & Black size XS - I love the look of this but I didn't love how tight the sleeves felt on my arms

Express Pleated V-Neck Cami in Dusty Blue & Black XS  - I love how this draped on so ended up ordering it in the Dusty Pink as well, all in size XXS below.

Express Pleated Balloon Sleeve Shirt in Ivory, Cocoa, Pitch Black size XXS
Left: Express Pleated Square Neck Crop Cami in Ivory XXS. Middle & Right: Express Pleated V-Neck Cami in Dusty Rose, Black XXS 

We took a trip to Grand Cayman Islands in early March, not realizing how much things were changing back at home while we were away. The day we flew back, I found out I was to work from home, which was so unprecedented that I was shocked speechless. Little did we know how serious this really was and in a way, we were lucky to have gone when we did or else the trip wouldn't have happened at all because if we had known at all how serious it was, we wouldn't have went. Since returning home from that trip, we have stayed home to this day aside from the quick trips out to either pick up take-out or groceries. It has been a surreal experience - but also an eye-opening one. Since day two of this, I realized I really miss dressing up to work yet at the same time, I am extremely grateful for this extra time at home with my family, where I was able to see little b's first steps that I probably would have missed otherwise. And now as we complain about all this time at home and not being able to go out, I know we will also look back on this time and wish we were able to spend more time at home like we got to do now in the future. Although, I really have to say that with two little kids to take care of, cooking, and working, there is really no time to get much done at all. I was hoping to be able to chip away at my longstanding to-do list but then again, I will always have the time to do that when they're older. It's most important to cherish the present. :)

Here's to looking back on our last trip, grateful for the memories made and looking forward to the next adventure we will be able to go on:

Looking forward to our next family adventure when we can again <3

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "All achievements require time." -Maya Angelou


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