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March Haul + Grand Cayman Island!

March's haul consists of just two items each from Express and Target.

I stopped by Express to use some coupons I had that were going to expire soon and loved all the new colors they had on the floor - dusty blues, pinks, and cocoa. I ended up trying on a few things but purchased online instead since they don't carry XXS in stores. It is awesome though that they can buy it online for you in store and ship to you for free.

We took a trip to Grand Cayman Islands in early March, not realizing how much things were changing back at home while we were away. The day we flew back, I found out I was to work from home, which was so unprecedented that I was shocked speechless. Little did we know how serious this really was and in a way, we were lucky to have gone when we did or else the trip wouldn't have happened at all because if we had known at all how serious it was, we wouldn't have went. Since returning home from that trip, we have stayed home to this day aside from the quic…

February Haul + Disney World!

I purchased a lot of swimwear (mostly one pieces) from Amazon, American Eagle, and Target in February for our Grand Cayman trip in March but ended up not loving any of them enough to keep so this month's haul is all from the last minute Disney trip that I booked a month before we went since flights were super cheap. :)

I loved shopping at the outlets in Orlando but only ended up buying a few things from Loft.

Little A and baby B had a blast last month when we took them to Disney World's Magic Kingdom; here are a few snaps:

 Leaving you with the quote of the day, "When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts. -Larry Ellison