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November Haul + So Many Coats

I’ve been doing a ton of holiday shopping after a long hiatus of not shopping much. Here is this month's haul of things - all coats, shoes, and a bag! My mom actually decided to clear out her closet, which was full of coats that she’s never worn before and I’m lucky enough that they all fit me and are so cute.

And these were all from my mom!

Some of the coats my mom gave me are a little big in the shoulders and throughout but they are still cute as a little over-sized on :)
I did write about finding the Canada Goose Victoria Fusion Fit, which fit me perfectly here, but I unfortunately still did not feel warm enough in it. My coworker recommended Mackge girls to me and when I tried her unisex version on, it didn't look good on me because it was too boxy but then I tried on a version of the popular adult one and I loved it! I don't know how warm it is yet but the website claims it is good for -4 degrees F and it feels promising so far with double zippers with the interior zip…