January Haul + Baby B!

I didn't purchase anything the month of December, which was also the month the baby B arrived :)

Here's the family photo I mentioned in the last post with our matching outfits but we actually didn't take this until the day after Christmas since baby B arrived on Christmas Eve (!)

I spent a lot of time shopping online for nursing tanks in January since I realized I would need some if I were to go out with baby B and I didn't need any with baby A since I started out bottle feeding first and don't think I need to breastfeed her in public. I ended up liking Target's tanks better over Old Navy's since they're softer and more comfy. I didn't get a chance to try H&M's since they're sold out but that must be a good sign. January's haul was just the two nursing tank and an Old Navy sweatshirt, which is my second one - I really like how comfy they are. :)

Leaving you with the fortune of the day, "A big fortune will descend upon you this year."


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