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February Haul + Burberry Puffer Coat Reviews

February's haul is all from H&M. I mainly shopped the sale since I needed free shipping for a new laundry basket for the baby room. Now that my pregnancy is over, I realize I am still missing a warm winter coat since the Canada Gooses didn't work out for me two years ago. I decided to try Burberry's down puffer coats since I own so many of their coats and jackets because they fit so well (with free sleeve alterations). I ordered the Burberry Limefield , Kington , and a trench style to try. While I was most attracted to the style of the Detachable Hood Down-filled Puffer Coat , after realizing the XXS was actually too tight for me, I was most hopeful about the Buberry Kington coat since it looked so comfy and warm. Burberry Limefield in XXS The Burberry Limefield in XXS was actually very tight in the chest and shoulders so it had to go back but it's a nice, sleek puffer coat with a luxurious fur ruff around the detachable hood. The sleeves are a bit too

January Haul + Baby B!

I didn't purchase anything the month of December, which was also the month the baby B arrived :) Here's the family photo I mentioned in the last post with our matching outfits but we actually didn't take this until the day after Christmas since baby B arrived on Christmas Eve (!) I spent a lot of time shopping online for nursing tanks in January since I realized I would need some if I were to go out with baby B and I didn't need any with baby A since I started out bottle feeding first and don't think I need to breastfeed her in public. I ended up liking Target's tanks better over Old Navy's since they're softer and more comfy. I didn't get a chance to try H&M's since they're sold out but that must be a good sign. January's haul was just the two nursing tank and an Old Navy sweatshirt, which is my second one - I really like how comfy they are. :) Leaving you with the fortune of the day, "A big fortune wi

November Haul + Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Mac N Cheese

I was still very much addicted to online shopping in November and couldn't help placing orders left and right but I only ended up keeping two things - a scarf that I've been wearing daily ever since and a shirt to wear for our Christmas family photo post-pregnancy. I wish I took more bumpies throughout this pregnancy - here's just the 2nd one I ever took: Cardigan: Old Navy Open-Front Cocoon Sweater for Girls . Top: H&M Peplum Top with Smocking . Pants: ASOS Design Petite Ultimate Jersey Harem Pants (I have been living in these since the waistband can be unfolded to go over the belly!) I did feel a little guilty that I hadn't been putting as much effort into recording my progress throughout this pregnancy but I had less time and energy since I wanted to spend as much quality time as I could with little A before baby B would change our family dynamic. Speaking of little A, here's a recipe of Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Mac and Cheese that sh