October Haul + Maternity Coat Shopping

Since Lord & Taylor is closing down it's iconic brick and mortar location on 5th Avenue between 49th and 49th Streets, I couldn't help taking a look at the sales myself after a coworker told me the cute Sam Edelman booties she got were only $30 from there. Upon arrival, I noticed the shoe sale was definitely extensive and there were multiple clearance sections per size except my size 5. There wasn't even a size 5 section but I did find a few 5s in the tiny 5.5 section, whereas there are rows and rows of every size 6 and up. Since my main purpose was thwarted, I decided to browse the clothing and noticed almost all clothing is haphazardly thrown together on racks and are not separated by size at all with the exception of a few racks highlighting certain brands such as a rack of BlankNYC jackets. I didn't have time to check out any of the accessories or beauty sales on the 1st floor, but aside from shoes, the 2nd floor has contemporary/junior styles, while every other floor is done basically the same way in regard to clearance items. Whatever is not on clearance is just marked 20-30% off, which isn't as great of a deal. I was freezing the day I went during lunch to check out the sale so I picked up a BlankNYC Velvet Jacket for $19 ($59 on the website!) and a BCBGeneration Striped Knit Long Jacket in XS fr $30 ($42 online), which will need shortening in the sleeves.

Here's October's haul:

I probably won't need a winter maternity coat but I've had my eye on one ever since seeing the ad for Seraphine's winter coat that has a panel that can be worn with your baby after he/she is born too. I tried two from Macy's and thought I liked the Motherhood Maternity Three-In-One Belted Quilted Puffer Coat when comparing it to the Jessica Simpson Maternity Hooded Coat.

Motherhood Maternity Three-In-One Belted Quilted Puffer Coat
However, I decided to pop into a Seraphine Maternity store to compare their coats to it first.

Left to right: Slate 3 in 1 Winter Maternity Parka with the panel and with it zipped up in size 2, 3 in 1 Maternity Parka in size 6 (tried on for style only), Super-Warm Down Maternity Winter Coat  in size 2
Out of all three I tried on, I did like the Slate 3 in 1 Winter Maternity Parka the most because of the color and the pretty fur lining inside. The extra panel makes this coat much roomier than the Motherhood Maternity one and I can see myself wearing this after the pregnancy as well. I felt it was more stylish than the down option and felt just as warm as it too, although I was indoors and quite hot so it might not be very accurate. The sleeves so look a little long in these photos so I wish they offered size 0 or a petite version but am leaning towards picking one up, hopefully with a Thanksgiving promo code.

Here's my one and only bumpie so far before it got so cold here and some recent pics of little A when we went pumpkin and apple picking. :)

Top: Old Navy Wrap-Back Performance Sweatshirt. Dress: Old Navy Off-the-Shoulder Shift Dress. Shoes: Caslon Claire Slingback Sandal (seriously the comfiest shoes I own).

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -Will Rogers


  1. Wow, You look stunning on these outfits. Especially I like your coats. Currently, I am pregnant with my first baby and I a looking for a maternity coat. I think it would be the perfect one for me. Can I ask you where I could found this?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Congratulations! :)
      Which coat are you interested in? You can click on the links for them above! The Motherhood Maternity one is from Macy's and the Seraphine ones are directly from there. I hope that helps!

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