Hermes Picotin PM or Garden Party 30?

After my dear friend bought herself the Hermes Picotin PM, I couldn't stop thinking about it because of it's cute small size. Though it's not very practical for my lifestyle right now as a mommy (of 2 soon), I couldn't help admiring it on social media. When she invited me to tag along with her to the Hermes store to pick up some things she had purchased in advance, I couldn't help wondering if I would pick anything up myself. For my birthday last month, A bought me a Bastia in vert anglais, which I exchanged for lime since the vert anglais was a bit too dark and dull in person. Since then, I've been wondering if the lime is actually too yellow.

But when I walked into the store and took a quick look around, the first thing I drawn to was the Garden Party 30 bag in lime, which surprised me because I never even thought about that bag before. I was shown a Picotin PM in black, which was beautiful, but after much comparison and deliberation, I knew I liked the Garden Party 30 much more, which is roomier, lighter, more casual, and just more practical for me to use. I am still so upset and surprised at myself for not snapping any photos of myself at all while deliberating so long on the bags but here's a photo of me with my new push present from A and my friend's lovely Picotin in etoupe. :)

Left: Hermes Garden Party 30. Right: Hermes Picotin PM.

She's ready to steal all my bags already! :D

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." -Albert Einstein


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