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After getting what you could call my holy grail bag, the Hermes Toolbox 20, mentioned here, I was surprised to find myself continuing to shop for bags, though I didn't keep them all, of course. Here's a few of what I tried out:

Left: Tabitha Saddle Bag in Mimosa Yellow. Right: Tabitha Saddle Bag in Rosebay.
First up is the Tabitha Saddle Bag from Boden. I decided to try it just because I was so drawn to the pretty Rosebay color but I actually liked the Mimosa Yellow better on me. I just can't justify keeping this when I don't love it compared to what I just purchased so these are going back but I can see them as a very practical bag for commuting to work when you don't have a lot to bring with you.

Cuyana Mini Circle Belt Bag in XS/S Black
Second is this Cuyana Mini Circle Belt Bag that I've had my eye on for a while since it was out of stock and finally came back again. Ever since my Athens trip, I've been looking for a small, lightweight bag that would be good for traveling and I've found it here! I actually am not showing it worn around my waist as it's intended to be worn because I don't plan on wearing it that way but that's also a very convenient way to carry this. I have it on the longest length here in the photos. I will most likely wear it crossbody when traveling but I like it on my shoulder for everyday wear.

Mansur Gavriel Elegant Bag in Navy Suede (I love my mini! <3)
I didn't get a chance to go to the first ever Mansur Gavriel sample sale but a friend was able to help me pick up the Elegant Bag in navy suede, which I loved from her photos but realized when I received it that it doesn't comfortably fit on my shoulder because of the frame - I just wish there were an extra inch of space. I'm probably not going to keep this but I do like how lightweight and simple it is for commuting to work.
Lastly is this cheapie bag from Target that I couldn't help loving because of the cute design and color. I can see myself using this for quick errands in the summer. :)

Left: Naida Half-Bow Sandals in Stone size 5. Right: Naida Half-Bow Sandals in Dusty Clay size 5

Also while here, just wanted to share these super cute Naida Half-Bow Sandals from Madewell that I recently purchased and love. They're comfortable and I decided to keep the Stone because the suede Dusty Clay ones were a bit tight at the front as opposed to the linen material of the striped ones.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein


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