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YSL Toy LouLou Bag + Talbot's Reviews!

The Saint Laurent Toy LouLou Crossbody Bag caught my eye when it popped up on a Facebook ad from Nordstrom and I just had to find out if I thought I would love it as much as I did in my head after obsessing over it for a while. I know I mentioned just last post that I stopped shopping as much for myself but this is an exception. :)

Upon first opening the package, my first impression was that I love the Washed Light Pink color and that the bag is more structured than I thought. The color is closer to the modeling pics below.

Though I love the color a lot, I feel like the length is unfortunately too long for me so I am sending it back. It measures 7.8" x 5.5" x 2.7" with a 21"-22" strap drop. It would be perfect on someone who is 5' or taller, which is even just an inch taller than me so I really just need one more hole but the bag only comes with three. Also, note that it was extremely difficult for me to adjust the bag but I figure you would only need to d…

February Haul + Snowboarding

Here's February's haul, which is almost all from Gap and Old Navy except for the two Ann Taylor shirts I got from the outlet when I went for a short snowboarding trip with my family:

This cute little black purse was actually purchased on my Athens trip last month that I mentioned here. I was dying for a small, lightweight bag after wearing my heavy Chloe Paraty bag all around.

I went with my family to a mini snowboarding and outlet getaway over one weekend last month and only purchased two top from Ann Taylor (first pic above) and got many good deals for baby A - I definitely notice I've been on the lookout for deals for baby A much more than shopping for myself now.

January Haul + Athens!

A and I are trying to accumulate airline points to one day experience first-class, which has led me to shamelessly shop way too much and it all started in January. Here is January's haul:

A and I just came back from Athens last month but we sadly did not get to visit Santorini or Mykonos since it was great deal I purchased for Athens only but I definitely can't wait to go someday! I felt the four nights we spent there was definitely enough and here are some highlights from the trip: