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Baby Sprinkle + Pizza Recipe!

I wasn't planning to have any type of celebration for baby girl #2 but with much pushing and prodding from a friend, I reluctantly decided to throw a small party at my home for some close friends and family to celebrate the soon-to-be new addition to my growing family. I didn't make a full registry since we only need small items since we had little A not long ago and just did the bare minimum with decorations of balloons, a banner, and small favors. I'm actually very happy I did it because it was so nice to see the friends and family I haven't seen in a while and probably won't see again until the arrival of baby B. :) It was also a lot easier and more enjoyable for me this time around because I opted to order food instead of cooking this time, with the exception of some Red Lobster biscuits and pizza, which turned out much better than I expected thanks to my new pizza stone ! I definitely recommend one to get that fluffy dough with a crispy bottom, which

October Haul + Maternity Coat Shopping

Since Lord & Taylor is closing down it's iconic brick and mortar location on 5th Avenue between 49th and 49th Streets, I couldn't help taking a look at the sales myself after a coworker told me the cute Sam Edelman booties she got were only $30 from there. Upon arrival, I noticed the shoe sale was definitely extensive and there were multiple clearance sections per size except my size 5. There wasn't even a size 5 section but I did find a few 5s in the tiny 5.5 section, whereas there are rows and rows of every size 6 and up. Since my main purpose was thwarted, I decided to browse the clothing and noticed almost all clothing is haphazardly thrown together on racks and are not separated by size at all with the exception of a few racks highlighting certain brands such as a rack of BlankNYC jackets. I didn't have time to check out any of the accessories or beauty sales on the 1st floor, but aside from shoes, the 2nd floor has contemporary/junior styles, while every other

September Haul + Florida Getaway

My anniversary trip this year was a 4-day trip to Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, which was a nice, relaxing trip without the kids that A and I really needed. Tunic: H&M Tunic with Embroidery size XS. Bag: Old Navy Canvas Tote .  OOTD- Left: H&M Dress with Embroidery size 0 fit nicely pulled up over my bump.Bag: Celine Small Trio Crossbody Bag . We really didn't do anything except shop, eat, watch movies, and relax, which was perfect.  LOFT Outlet - I only left with the first two and last comfy sweatshirt. From left to right:  Petite Sweater Pencil Skirt , Petite Marled Pocket Open Cardigan , Petite Boucle Vest , knit cargidan, jacket, Lounge Super Soft Terry Ruched Tie Sweatshirt .  H&M MAMA sale pieces - velour and lace dress and floral dress - I got so much MAMA stuff on sale! :) LOFT sunglasses, which I love because of their super affordable prices as you can see in my last haul. Boys' hoodie from Underarmour O

Hermes Picotin PM or Garden Party 30?

After my dear friend bought herself the Hermes Picotin PM, I couldn't stop thinking about it because of it's cute small size. Though it's not very practical for my lifestyle right now as a mommy (of 2 soon), I couldn't help admiring it on social media. When she invited me to tag along with her to the Hermes store to pick up some things she had purchased in advance, I couldn't help wondering if I would pick anything up myself. For my birthday last month, A bought me a Bastia in vert anglais, which I exchanged for lime since the vert anglais was a bit too dark and dull in person. Since then, I've been wondering if the lime is actually too yellow. But when I walked into the store and took a quick look around, the first thing I drawn to was the Garden Party 30 bag in lime, which surprised me because I never even thought about that bag before. I was shown a Picotin PM in black, which was beautiful, but after much comparison and deliberation, I knew I liked th

August Haul + Weekend Getaways

I shopped the most I ever have in a long time in July but last month, I went outlet shopping during one of several weekend road trips I took. I didn't expect to buy much but I ended up getting 9 (!) cardigan-type tops, thanks to restrictions when shopping with a bump. Here's last month's haul: Everything above was purchased at the outlet, which I forgot was so much fun. I was able to cram a ton of shopping in just a short amount of time, thanks to lots of experience, especially at this outlet, where I've been many times before.  These were on sale and are a size too big, but I figure I will need all the maternity pants I can get for the upcoming fall/winter season to wear to work! I'm all about comfort now and picked up this Gibson Cozy Twist-Front Pullove r and SARTO by Franco Sarto Palomino Sandals  while doing residual shopping after the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is when I picked up the following things too: Nord