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July Haul + Maternity Shopping

Here is July's haul, which was mainly Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping and maternity shopping. Now that I'm expecting baby girl #2 in the winter this time as opposed to summer, I realize I actually do need some pieces such as pants instead of relying on loose, flowy tops and dresses like I did last time.

My first pair of maternity shorts are these ASOS Maternity Petite Denim Alvey Mid Rise Short with Raw Hem, which I keep reaching for to wear on weekends this summer.

 I really like ASOS' petite maternity options such as this Maternity Petite Nursing Channel Front Top. This Petite Crinkle Trapeze Top is not maternity but works well to comfily camouflage the bump.

This Express V-neck Shaker Knit Chenille Sweater is super soft and cozy and I can't fit these Express Striped Linen-Blend Sash Waist Ankle Pants right now but I like them so much that I'm keeping them and hoping they'll fit after the pregnancy.

These Zella Girl Jogger Pants I picked up during the Ann…

May Haul + China Trip

I haven't shopped much since April aside from one night of late night shopping after I landed in Hong Kong for a China work trip. I spent about 2 hours in just 2 stores - 6IXTY 8IGHT, which has really cute cheap clothes and bras and COTTON-ON, which was having a great sale at the time. I also picked up a cute top and a sheer dress that I love from MyStyle in China, which is an affordable brand there that reminds me of H&M. I have to say I enjoy shopping the most in Hong Kong/China because it's easier to find clothing in my size and at good prices.

Here's one OOTD while in China - it was surprisingly sooo hot there and it was only May!

And here is a shot of the MyStyle dress I got to wear to my friend's wedding the weekend after I returned from my trip. :)

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving foward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning…

April Haul + Little A Knows What She Likes

It's been quite a while but here is April's haul, which was mostly from LOFT and H&M:

Here's how the H&M girls' sweater and leggings look:

I was visiting one of my good friends a few weekends ago and my little A embarrassingly would not let go of her new Chanel wallt on chain and kept dragging it around the floor! We even tried to tempt her with another bag but she knows what she likes. At least I know she will appreciate my bag collection when she inherits it. ;)

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The best way to learn is by doing. The only way to build a strong work ethic is getting your hands dirty." -Alex Spanos

More Bags + Dresses

Continuing on from the last post, I got even more bags, of which I kept two -

I'm a sucker for lime green and wanted to keep at least one of the many cool bags I ordered from Urban Outfitters. This pyramid bag is lightweight and can hold a lot, which is handy for the beach or a summer outing. I've been eyeing the Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Lady Bag for a long time now and finally bought it on impulse when I saw it in store and was the last in black available. It's the perfect size for my essentials - phone, wallet, keys, lip gloss. I wasn't sure what color I wanted for the inside but am happy with the navy I ended up with.

In addition to bags, I've also been shopping for dresses lately. Here are some that I liked the best:

I thought these were super cute but didn't love them enough to keep them but are perfect summer dresses. The Floral Ruffle Wrap Cami Dress is comfy yet dressy enough for a summer wedding.
These Twist Front Sheer Rib Sheath Dresses are what I ac…

Recent Bag Reviews

After getting what you could call my holy grail bag, the Hermes Toolbox 20, mentioned here, I was surprised to find myself continuing to shop for bags, though I didn't keep them all, of course. Here's a few of what I tried out:

First up is the Tabitha Saddle Bag from Boden. I decided to try it just because I was so drawn to the pretty Rosebay color but I actually liked the Mimosa Yellow better on me. I just can't justify keeping this when I don't love it compared to what I just purchased so these are going back but I can see them as a very practical bag for commuting to work when you don't have a lot to bring with you.

Second is this Cuyana Mini Circle Belt Bag that I've had my eye on for a while since it was out of stock and finally came back again. Ever since my Athens trip, I've been looking for a small, lightweight bag that would be good for traveling and I've found it here! I actually am not showing it worn around my waist as it's intended to b…

Hermes Toolbox 20 Review!

A long time ago, I used to covet the Hermes Birkin bag, as I'm sure many have since it's so elusive. Since then, I switched over to pine after the Hermes Kelly bag instead, after I saw it on Wendy Nguyen from Wendy's Lookbook here. She's a fellow petite and it just looked so nice on her! Over time though, and especially after baby A, I see how such a bag is definitely not practical for me and if I were to spend a small fortune on a bag, I'd want one that I would actually use more often. The Kelly has a thin strap and is quite structured, which is what I like about it, but in reality is too classy for my weekends. It wasn't until I went to Athens, posted about here, that I tried on the Hermes Toolbox 20 and fell for it. It was in a beautiful royal blue color but I already have a Celine in that same color (seen here) but that bright color and how it hung on me were the reasons I really liked it so much. I realized I wouldn't love the bag in a beige or deep ne…

March Haul + Hermes?

Here's last month's haul and as mentioned before, a lot is from Old Navy.

I'm also really excited because I finally purchased my first (and only, most likely) Hermes bag through a re-seller site and it comes tomorrow! Can't wait! :)

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