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March Haul + J.Crew Coat in 000P

Thanks to a gift card I received in the mail as mentioned here, I ended up purchasing the J.Crew Belted zip trench coat in wool melton in size 000P to try. I've tried J.Crew's XXXS before back in 2014 as mentioned here, which fit way too tight throughout but was hoping their fit would be improved by now, especially since coats are usually cut with more room, and I was not disappointed.

I love how this fits perfectly throughout, especially the sleeves, which is always a big problem for me. The fabric is a bit on the stiff side but I hope it'll soften up with wear.

As mentioned here on how olive is big this season and how I'm really into it, I wish it were available in the Heathered Olive color, which I love, but was only able to buy it in Heathered Oatmeal, which I like, but don't think is practical enough for me to keep.

This month's haul is just one thing from Nordstrom, which is the dress mentioned here that I'll be wearing for my friend's wedding in…

Petite-Friendly Nordstrom Finds

Over the months, it's really become apparent to me that my favorite online retailer is Nordstrom. They have the best selection and return policy to me, which allows me to try what I want to my heart's content and to return whatever doesn't work out for me free of charge, without a deadline.

I was really hoping to love at least one of the Gibson tops I purchased from since the fabric is so soft and cozy but I didn't like any of them enough to keep. Despite that, they all did fit pretty well and I'll keep an eye out for the brand from now on.

Overall, I liked the Pink Smoke color the best, though A prefers the classic heather grey. The open shoulder style was my favorite and I like how it's open only on one side rather than the usual two sides. The open shoulder look is a big trend right now but I don't love how impractical it is in a sweater - it should keep you warm but I felt quite cold due to the open shoulder. I do love how cozy the exterio…