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February Haul + Winter Wedding Wear

Now that it's Spring, I feel like it's time for a fresh change and am really feeling the colors olive and melon right now. :)

Although it's finally Spring, it still feels like winter out though you can surely tell the weather is slowly getting warmer, unlike the weather two weekends ago when I attended a friend's wedding. I thought the weather would be nice but it was extremely cold that night, leaving me worrying over what to wear - tights or no tights? I was still debating this question a mere three hours before the wedding when I realized I had purchased a floor-length dress that would be perfect! I bought it all the way back in November 2015 when I posted about it here and berated myself for not getting it shortened after I bought it but was so lucky my local tailor was able to do it in an hour!

It's perfect for a cold weather wedding because it's long and because of the length, I decided to wear a short leather jacket topped with a fur vest to balance out …

Recent Shopping - Old Navy + Kenneth Cole

With my frequent trips to Old Navy as mentioned here, I've accumulated quite a lot Super Cash, which gives me $10 off purchased of $25+ and so a vicious cycle I'm in again. When on my way to make yet another return in store, I saw this cute Twill Cardi-Coat and noticed how short the sleeves were in comparison to the other coats nearby so threw it on as you can see below.

The silhouette is very boxy and wide, especially when buttoned, but I noticed it came in Petite XS online so purchased it since I do like the pattern a lot and feel this would be a great layering piece since there's so much room throughout where I could even wear a lighter jacket underneath. It's nice to see that Old Navy finally carries petites since Banana Republic and Gap has been offering this sizing for a while now. I just wish Gap and Old Navy carried it in stores too. I'm trying on the petite version below along with the Sam Edelman Wilson Booties I picked up in last month's haul.

I went…