Home Renovations (Tip #6)

I mentioned over a year ago here that I had home renovations but never got around to sharing any of the updates done until now but my contractor still isn't done since he has other jobs to work on now and I'm just small potatoes (I hope this doesn't happen to you)!

Left: Old living room. Right: New (much smaller) living room with an open plan to the (much bigger) kitchen. 
Left: Old kitchen. Right: New kitchen (same corner). 
Left: Old bedroom. Right: New bedroom(same corner). 

Left: Old bathroom. Right: New bathroom (much bigger but had to convert a bedroom to closet).
Left: Old bedroom. Right: New office (unfinished here) that we did not have much time to enjoy because we had to change it to... 

the baby room!

Left: Old basement. Right: New basement with a mini gym.

Left: Old laundry room. Right: New laundry room (I've always wanted a folding counter!).
Though I could use a lot more space since the house isn't very big, I'd hate the idea of leaving after so much time and effort was put into designing the house. It was definitely a big project to take on by myself with the help of my contractor, who is at least, very loyal and will return to finish his job (I hope) though it is in the unforeseeable future.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart." -George Michael


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    1. Thank you! I checked it out and everything looks wonderful! I'd definitely contact you if you were in NY :)


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