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Happy Lunar New Year + Recent OOTD

A and I took a short trip to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and though it was a nice little getaway, I dearly missed my baby! I'm happy to be back but it was really nice to see all the Lunar New Year decorations up at all of the hotels. Almost every hotel has some form of rooster on display since this year is the Year of the Rooster. Here are a few snaps from the trip:

Here's a quick OOTD from the day I attended my friend's bridal shower:

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -Mark Twain

Canada Goose: XXS Reviews

I went a bit overboard as mentioned in this post and actually ordered every single Canada Goose jacket I could find that came in size XXS. I wanted to leave no stone unturned and be absolutely sure of the style I keep since it is such a pricey yet worthy investment. I already tried on the Canada Goose Victoria and Mystique as shown here so without further ado, here are the rest:

The Canada Goose Beechwood was the one I actually saw in store in Bloomingdale's and was drawn to immediately because it looks small on the hanger due to the drawstring waist. This was by far my favorite of all the ones I tried on, though A and a good friend both told me they felt it made me look like I had a pouch, which means I looked pregnant! That made me a bit doubtful but in the end, I do definitely prefer it to the Victoria because it really does fit a bit smaller, despite the pouch, which may be due to the pockets (which I absolutely love because they're so cozily lined with fleece!). The hood …

Boys' Suiting vs. Women's/Custom Suiting + December Haul

For those who have to dress up at work, I know how expensive it can be to find suiting that actually fits and then to have to tailor the sleeves to fit. I actually bought a boys' DKNY suit blazer a long time ago at a clearance sale but haven't really ever worn it until now. If you keep your options open to this category too when looking for blazers, you can probably come across some great pieces at good prices.

It's a surprisingly good piece that has shorter sleeves that appear cropped but doesn't take away from the overall look, which is polished when paired with the black pants, blank tank, and platform pumps I have on here. I think it looks just as good if not better than the custom suit I had made back when I was in Thailand on vacation and also my Theory one down below for comparison.

Here is the only thing I purchased the month of December - a girl's vest from Splendid.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-perf…

Warm Winter Coat: Canada Goose > Parajumpers!

I had thought I found the perfect coat in the Parajumpers Selma Fur Trim Down Parka as mentioned here but after finally getting to wear it out a few times in really cold weather (about 30 degrees F), I was still feeling the bone-chilling cold through it. Because of that, I ordered the Canada Goose Victoria Fur Trimmed Parka when ordering my mom a new winter coat for Christmas to try on.. When I got it, I was really surprised at how fitted it was through the body, which can be adjusted inside by bungee cords on each side. The sleeves are too long like they are on the Parajumpers Selma but is not so bad since the ribbed cuff can be tucked inside.

I decided to test it outside and was really surprised at how much warmer it was because I didn't feel cold at all while only wearing a thin shirt underneath. I always wanted to stay away from Canada Goose like I said I'd stay away from UGGs here, but I guess I have no choice now if I want to be really warm this winter, and I really do!

The Holidays + The New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday, especially with both Christmas and the New Year landing over the weekend, giving us all over here a much needed break on two consecutive Mondays. :)

Here's what I wore to my company's holiday party this year, which is the velvet Tobi dress as mentioned here over three (!) years ago that I never got a chance to wore. (Wow I look so much younger pre-mommy). As is with all things in fashion, velvet has become trendy again. It's a very pretty purple in person but looks super dark, almost black, in photos. As you can see, my hair is fading but I don't want to do any more damage to it and plan to let it grow out or if I hate how it's coming along, I may try balyage as commenter Annie suggested to blend it in more with my natural color by way of an ombre.

I opted to wear knee high boots to keep warm along with my new Parajumpers Selma Fur Trim Down Parka for the commute to work but I DO have to say that I have just realized now that it…

Home Renovations (Tip #6)

I mentioned over a year ago here that I had home renovations but never got around to sharing any of the updates done until now but my contractor still isn't done since he has other jobs to work on now and I'm just small potatoes (I hope this doesn't happen to you)!

Though I could use a lot more space since the house isn't very big, I'd hate the idea of leaving after so much time and effort was put into designing the house. It was definitely a big project to take on by myself with the help of my contractor, who is at least, very loyal and will return to finish his job (I hope) though it is in the unforeseeable future.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart." -George Michael

Mauve/Rose Hair + Parajumpers Selma Down Jacket Review in XXS

Since my roots are growing out now as mentioned here, I decided to dye my hair mauve/rose. It was A's suggestion again and I decided to go for it since my roots were growing out anyway as mentioned here. It was a super vibrant purple on top and more of a burgundy/mauve on the bottom but has since faded quite consistently to a more rose gold color as you can see below.

The Parajumpers Selma Fur Trim Down Parka as mentioned here came in XXS and it fits!
Unfortunately, the sleeves are still as long as they were in the XS but I still like it all the same.

The silhouette is very fitted throughout and I love the fur collar that is removable, and the fur-trim on the hood is as well since it's on with velcro. I wore it last week when the temperature was in the 20/30s (F) and though I was much warmer than I was last year, I was a little disappointed I could still feel the cold with a tank and blazer on underneath, although just a little bit. If I wore a sweater underneath, I would prob…