Warm Winter Coats - Parajumpers and Canada Goose

After such a cold winter last year, I've come to realize that my warmest coats aren't very warm at all. What I wore all winter last year when it was coldest was my Burberry Brit Bosworth Quilted Patchwork Coat and Moncler Ariette Fur-Trim Puffer Coat, which definitely weren't warm enough. So I decided to look for a toastier coat this winter, which A graciously offered to buy for my Christmas present. :)

I first became aware of the Parajumpers brand when I visited the Paragon Sports store a few years ago so I knew they would be a good brand for a warm winter coat aside from the ubiquitous Canada Goose, which I was also considering. I remember trying on the girl's Canada Goose Brittania a while ago, which didn't fit quite right and so was much more interested in seeing how Parajumpers fit. I took a quick trip to Bloomingdale's at 59th Street to try the Parajumpers Long Bear Coat I've been eyeing and am very glad I did because the store has such a great selection of winter coats! I realized it was way too big and puffy, despite the reviews stating it's very slim-fitting.

Parajumpers Long Bear Coat in Bush and Black, size XS.
Though that didn't work out like I hoped, I was really happy to see that there were so many other styles that I was able to try on from them. Out of the Parajumpers Long Bear Coat, Parajumpers Angie Down Coat, and Parajumpers Selma Fur Trim Down Parka that I tried on, I absolutely liked Selma the best. Even though both Selma and Angie are much more lightweight than Long Bear, they all have the same very high warmth rating, which means they're good for temperatures below 0.

Parajumpers Angie Down Coat, and Selma Fur Trim Down Parka in XS
I decided to try on the Women's Canada Goose Kensington to compare and found the fit of a XS in this Bloomingdale's exclusive (love the dark fur trim) is better in terms of the sleeve length (because of the knit cuff) but I still preferred the overall look of the Parajumpers Selma, which looks much sleeker.

Canada Goose Kensington in XS
Even though the sleeves were a bit too long on the Selma, I still decided I wanted it so I was more than happy to see that this comes in size XXS too. The XS was already quite snug on me overall so I hope XXS fits well. A says he won't give it to me until Christmas so I'm looking forward to it!

What I wore underneath: LOFT Petite Plaid Ribbed Two-In-One Sweater XXSP
Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work." -Harry Golden


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