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Vision Care + Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Since I'm on A's insurance plan now, he encouraged me to get my vision checked, which I haven't in ages because the last time I went many years ago, I was told that one eye is near-sighted, while the other eye is far-sighted, which meant I would never need glasses. I have, however, noticed that my vision has gotten worse lately when seeing things afar and so decided to go to an ophthalmologist during one of my lunch breaks. It turns out I do have 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/40 in the other. While it was too overwhelming to wear glasses with lens that improve the vision in both my eyes because it made me very disoriented when my 20/20 vision was more enhanced, it was nice to have both eyes working together once the vision in my 20/40 eye was improved by wearing glasses. Though I chose not to get glasses this time (I got prescribed sunglasses instead), I might decide to the next time I come in for my test, which should be yearly. Though many people skip their annual vision

October Haul, Back to the Gym, + Ham-Asparagus Strata

The only thing I purchased last month is this super soft Asymmetrical Drape Collar Terry Cardigan by Caslon from Nordstrom . I love that it's so comfortable yet looks chic on thanks to the draping of the collar and it's 40% off now! This zip cardigan would go as nicely with black skinny pants and booties for work as black leggings and sneakers for the gym. Speaking of which, I've just started to go back to the gym on a regular basis and I have to say that it was so hard the first day I went back after 2 months at home with the baby. When 8 lb weights were no sweat for me before I got pregnant, I was struggling with 5 lbs in the same sculpting class. It's crazy how weak I've become even though I've been lifting 10+ lbs everyday because of baby A. I hope to get back to how strong I was during my wedding or better yet, even stronger than I was before. Here's a recipe for a super delicious breakfast of ham-asparagus strata: HAM-ASPARAGUS STRATA Pr

Going Blonde(!) + Biscuits

A has been bothering me to go blonder almost ever since we started dating, which was why I dyed my hair a blonde ombre at first as seen here and then got blonde highlights for my wedding as seen here but it evidently wasn't enough because he asked me to go blonde yet again while I was home on maternity leave. So I decided to just go full on blonde like he wanted so he can see how it actually doesn't look very good on me and never bother me again. I know this seems like a huge thing I'm doing just to satisfy him but it's also to save my sanity since I'm sure he would have bothered me about it every year if I didn't do it now, which is the best time to do it before my baby can see all too clearly. :) After doing as much research as I could - there's not much out there on blonde asians - I made an appointment! Dress: Shein  Black Long Sleeve Casual T-Shirt Dress  mentioned here . Jacket: Caslon  Knit One-Button Blazer mentioned here . Shoes: Madewell Sidewa