Post-Pregnancy OOTD + 15 Baby/Pregnancy Tips!

I luckily did not gain much weight at all and so quickly lost it all right away but still stuck to dresses - I have yet to put on a pair of pants. :) Here are some post-pregnancy OOTDs:

I really have to clean my mirror when I can find the time to - this Lou & Grey dress (bought in June here) was worn on Audrina's 1 month traditional celebration day and I credit my quick weight loss to how I kept on going to the gym throughout my pregnancy.  
Blurry selfie of the Magnolia Lace Dress from Anthropologie that I wore to my cousin's wedding that I was able to attend because I gave birth so much earlier. Clutch: Aldo (old but similar here). Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old but similar here).

Our first date night together alone to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! Dress: Aeropostale (mentioned here). Jacket: from HK but similar here. Bag: Chanel Boy WOC (similar here). Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old but similar here). 
There's so much that I wish I knew before having Baby A so here I'm just sharing some tip from my experience:

1. Trust your instincts - I had a feeling something was up when I kept seeming to pee in my pants after just going to the bathroom but both A and my doctor when I called her told me it was too early for me to be in labor and that it was probably nothing. It turned out that my water did break and I was obliviously making waffles as mentioned here. I luckily had a doctor's appointment that day anyway and it was confirmed my water broke and I had to go to the hospital asap because I was having that baby that very day. I obviously freaked but all was well!

2. Be prepared early - I luckily prepared in advance both at work and at home so I was prepared in both aspects when I went into labor. You never know when it will happen and my doctor had no explanation as to why my water broke a month before my due date. I wonder whether it has to do with the constant walking back and forth in the heat the day before thanks to playing Pokemon Go with A.

3. Eat something before you go to the hospital - This tip was given to me by my coworker because it is absolutely true that you are not allowed to eat anything once admitted and hooked up to the IV. I didn't listen because I was too panicked and wasn't hungry at the time but looking back, I think I should have taken the advice despite that meaning I would most likely poop during delivery, which really does happen. Since I didn't eat a thing except a waffle, that didn't happen to me but I was starving and so when I finally succumbed to the epidural, I felt so weak that I barely had the energy to push... which brings me to the next thing...

4. Push with your abs, not your face! I had no idea it could happen but after I gave birth to Baby A, my entire left side of the face looked as if it had broken out with ugly red pimples. Apparently, I popped a whole bunch of blood vessels in my face because I was pushing so hard since the doctor and nurses made me feel as if I weren't getting Baby A out as quickly as I should. In the end, I actually only pushed for 20 minutes so maybe the messed up face was worth it. It took a few days to go away and it was interesting to see that none of the other new moms around me in the hospital had the same issue I did. This is why I'm glad I kept going to the gym up until I gave birth. Work on those abs!

5. Delayed discharge for baby is really a blessing in disguise - I was extremely worried and sad when I realized Baby A wouldn't be released from the hospital with me because of poor feeding and jaundice and couldn't help crying everyday because of separation anxiety due to my hormones. Although deep down I knew it was for the best because she shouldn't leave the hospital until she's ready, I also couldn't help despairing. Now that I look back on it though, I absolutely needed at least the first few days home alone without the baby to recover since I could really barely walk after delivery thanks to stitches, swollen parts, and hemorrhoids. It was also a great time for me to really make sure the house was ready for the baby since she was early. When she was finally home 11 days later, I was prepared both physically and mentally.

6. Pack a decent hospital outfit for baby to come home in - I had assumed the baby would come in hospital clothing and just brought a cute sleeveless onesie for Baby A to wear over it but nope, the nurse told me to change her, as in out of the hospital long sleeve and into whatever I brought. I felt so bad that I was bringing my baby home in just a sleeveless onesie and wish I had brought one with at least sleeves for the car seat ride home.

7. Sleep when baby sleeps - I'm sure you've heard this before but it is absolutely true, especially if you're breastfeeding since baby can eat as often as every 1-2 hours. If you don't catch naps whenever you can, you will be too exhausted to take care of the baby. I've somehow managed to adapt to function with a couple hours of napping here and there. I've often found myself in a dilemma of whether I should eat or sleep since often times I only have time for one of the other so I would skip lunch a lot. Time flies when your day is split into 3 hours increments!

aden + anais mulin swaddles
I also want to mention I love and only use aden + anais mulin swaddles because they are breathable so I feel less anxious when wrapping Baby A in them in case she somehow gets it over her face while I'm not looking.

8. Cut holes in your seamless bras - I was considering buying a hands-free pumping bra like this one but realized I had a whole bunch of cheap seamless bras that I wore to work out and instead decided to cut holes into them, which is essentially what a hands-free bra is and it has worked wonders! I can now text do anything I'd like while pumping and is such a time-saver and money-saver.

9. Breast milk will get everywhere! I have breast milk on my floor, on my chair, on my desk, on my bed - absolutely everywhere. I have considered strapping a pack of wipes to myself to clean up after myself and to avoid the constant sticky floor I have now. On that note...

10. Poop does get everywhere! I didn't believe it at first until I experienced it. The first incident was when Baby A shot poop from her changing table in the middle of the room to the wall like a water gun. Needless to say, I keep that area clear now. The second incident happened when I carried her to the changing table, changed her, and then put her in her crib before realizing there was poop all over me and I inadvertently got poop on everything I leaned over.

11. Your boobs do get bigger. I quite like having the extra fullness now although what comes with it is the constant need to pump when at work and when baby isn't breastfeeding. Try to make sure you buy some comfy nursing bras or bigger sized bras so you're not stuck without a bra when you finally step out of the house, though you may definitely feel like going without one. Breast pads are like pads for your boobs and are definitely needed now that I''m back at work so I feel secure throughout the day (as in no breast milk stains on your clothes).

12. Loose tees, tanks, robes, and button pajama tops - These are the pajamas I've been wearing every single day while on maternity leave because it's so easy to slip off to breastfeed when the baby is suddenly starving and wails uncontrollably.

13. The scrunchy/hair tie - The one accessory you always need are scrunchies to quickly whip your hair on top of your head when baby is suddenly screaming to be breastfed. The black scrunchy is now a fixture on my wrist. I suppose this is why most moms cut their hair soon after giving birth but I've opted to keep my hair length and instead grow it even longer since that's what A likes.

13. Diaper bag #2 - As mentioned here, I found my diaper bag, which I've stuffed full with everything I could possibly need. However, on short trips out, I've found it's super handy to have a smaller and lighter bag to pack just the essentials of diapers, changing pad, wipes, and bottle.

14. Headbands - This is the one item I forgot to include on my registry or buy myself and really wish I did since headbands make sure a big difference for baby girls. :)

15. Enjoy your time off! I thought 2 months would be a ton of time for myself while the baby sleeps but there is actually very little down time when caring for a baby, unless yours is the perfect baby! Take the time to cherish every day you have at home with your baby because before you know it, you'll be back at work, which I find to be even more tiring at first before you get used to working again but with 3-4 hours of disjointed sleep a night. It's hard to leave the baby every morning but I've heard it gets easier.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen," -Frank Lloyd Wright


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