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Poconos Trip - July 4th! + July Haul

My very last little mini vacation was to the Poconos over July 4th weekend and it was way too short, though I'm excited for baby A to come soon. :)

Besides hiking the first day, in which I was surprisingly not tired at all, the entire second day was outlet shopping for both me and A since I couldn't go white-water rafting.

Since it was literally an entire day of shopping, here's a bunch of snaps of things I tried on. Though it was very hard to and I ended up going back the next day to make a massive amount of returns, you'll see in the July Haul post up next month what I ended up keeping.

June Haul - Me + Baby A

Here's this month's haul for me:

And the only things I've bought for Audrina (with maybe just a few more to come) :)

I was recommended Gap for babies so I'm going to try out some cute onesies from both Gap and Old Navy to compare.

After the baby shower, I realized I definitely don't need to buy any more clothes!

Here's a quick OOTD snap wearing the super comfy and generous LOFT Lou & Grey Racerback Dress and INC Ganice Lace-Up Flat Sandals from the haul pic above:

I like the sandals because they're casual yet more dressy than flip-flops, which have been my go-to lately for comfort but the sandals are a bit of a bother to put on with all the straps and tying when pregnant since bending over it getting more and more difficult. :(

And here's a snap of a cute pair of LOFT sandals that sadly didn't work out because my priority is comfort now:

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "You only have to do very few things right in your life so long a…

Baby Diaper Bags for Petites + Honey-Soy Salmon w/ Zucchini

When trying to find a baby diaper bag for my registry, I initially wanted the Skip Hop 'Duo Signature' Diaper Bag since I thought it looked the cutest and seems gender-neutral so that A could use it too. However, after my awesome friend purchased it for me, I realize it looks very awkward on my frame since it's 13" high. Please also excuse my super wrinkly skirt - it's yet another item I retrieved from my donation pile that fits very comfortably over my bump now. :)

Since I didn't love it, I decided to keep an eye out for any other options that might work and I didn't see anything for a long time until an ad on Nordstrom for the Babymel 'Soho' Messenger Diaper Bag popped up. I immediately ordered it to compare and I definitely preferred it to the Skip Hop one since it's 2" shorter in height, which looks better on me, and is also more roomy, which is more practical. It's super lightweight as opposed to the Skip Hop but I did think the f…