I decided to give a shot since I've been super uncomfortable in most of my pants thanks to being past 4 months along now and have been desperately needing some flowy, lightweight dresses. I put orders in at both and at the same time but received my boohoo goods first - I've also been meaning to try their fleece, unlined waterfall-type coats and am glad I was able to get that too. Here's a few reviews of what I kept and one I decided to return:
Petite Katie Long Sleeve Swing Dress, Petite Leah Longline Waffle Boyfriend Blazer, Faye Oversize Line Check Soft Scarf, Shoes: BCBGeneration Tinas

I ended buying a bajillion black dresses from both boohoo and shein that are similar to the one above and will really have to critically look at each one to make sure I'm not keeping more than I would ever wear. I did try to get some with color too, which there will be more of in the shein post when I get that in but I am happy with what I got from boohoo petites. The dress is super comfy and super affordable, the blazer is really cute and will be great as a cover-up come summer, and the scarf is also super soft and lightweight and will be great on chilly train rides.

Petite Charlotte Waterfall Coat
I've been meaning to try one of their petite waterfall coats for a while and opted for the one with a shorter length since I don't plan to wear heels as much anymore during the third trimester. The coat doesn't fit perfectly as you can see in the profile view but the sleeve length is great and this is something that would be quick and easy to throw on when running out the door but I ultimately decided to send it back.

Heidi Zip Detail Shopper Bag
I really loved how the bag looked online and like it just a much in person. I like how it can be cinched tighter to give it a more streamlined look, like it is above right. It's definitely a roomy bag and I wouldn't be afraid to put some real weight in it since it's so affordable and my only large tote bag now is my Goyard, which is already showing some wear.

Looking forward to sharing what I keep from shein soon. :)

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." -Vidal Sasson


  1. Hi Brietta!

    I'm a petite girl under 5', and I'm really glad you reviewed the Petite Charlotte Waterfall coat! I'm actually looking at it right now. I know you returned it, but how did you feel about the sizing and width? Was it too loose and baggy, or did was it form-fitting enough to be flattering? How was the material? Did it look cheap? Was the coat thick enough for a chilly day? What did you think of the length, was it too overbearing? If you have any additional pictures to send to me, that would be great :) You can email me at

  2. Hi Rachel! Sorry for the late reply! I felt like the sizing was great since the sleeve length worked and is usually the most challenging thing. The width is generous enough to work for all body types, which is the great thing about the tie-belt. I felt it was a little bit baggy as you can see from the profile but isn't super noticeable. I did feel the material was a little cheap, which is one of the reasons I returned it but I doubt you could really tell just by looking at it. It's thick enough if layered up for the 50s (F). I think the length is good because I could wear it with flats and not feel like it made me look any shorter. I can't find any more photos but if I come across any, I'll send your way. :) Hope this helps!


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