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January Haul + The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

As I mentioned before, I'm proud of how I've cut down on spending and here's proof with last months' purchase of just one Draped front maxi dress from Venus:

I'm a sucker for circulars because I always make it a point to browse quickly through one, no matter what if I get one in the mail, and this is a dress that caught my eye. I ordered two other pieces from Venus, the Marled Vest and Home Run Tunic, but this is the the only piece I liked enough to keep. I do have to tailor it since it's too long but I already expected that when buying it. This was the perfect thing to wear on my trip earlier this month to Florida with my family. :)

Here's a foolproof recipe for scrambled eggs that even A likes when he's not a scrambled eggs fan:

Ingredients:3 eggs1 tablespoon buttersalt & pepper

Directions:1. Whisk together 3 eggs until whites and yolks are no longer separated. Season with salt and pepper.2. Melt 1 tablespoon butter in an 8&quo…

Ireland Trip!

After just returning from Ireland last night, I'm off to Florida tomorrow but first, a few pics from my first time in the Emerald Isle: