Weekend Shopping + Apple Chips!

Last weekend, A and I went shopping in Jersey, which is a rare occurrence so I was one happy clam. :)
My laid-back casual weekend outfit. Love my Nike wedge sneakers. :) Coat: Burberry Girls (old). Bag: Chloe Small 'Paraty' Bag. Jeans:Paige Denim Verdugo Crop.
We started off hitting Home Depot and Ikea to take care of some errands before heading to 3 (!) separate shopping malls to find the stores we wanted to stop by. First up was the Nike Factory Store,  which of course was his stop of choice, but I was the one who actually ended up leaving with stuff - ha. Though my favorite color is lime green, I opted for the blue leggings instead (these were girls) as well as the tank (women's) , which totaled just $20 together. :)

Next stop was the Banana Republic Factory Store, where I tried on a bunch of sweaters but only left with a crop top.

Then, I headed over to H&M, where I got a ton of stuff, including two cropped denim vests for $5 each and a $3 skirt. :)

Left: Girl's Pile-Lined Cardigan. Right: Women's $5 denim vests. I bought both because I couldn't decide. :)
I left with this simple knit dress and sweater on the right. Middle: Cotton Shirt.
I LOVE these girl's sweatpants!! They are so super comfy and soft, I wish it came in black! $3 Women's skirt is also super soft and of the same material.
After leaving this outlet mall, we headed to a regular mall to check out Forever 21 but before that, I stopped by Sephora to pick out a new lip color because I am a fan of their Cream Lip Stains. Here I am wearing # 09 Watermelon Slice. Even though A does not like any kind of lip color on me, I want it anyway. :)

I feel a red lip really polishes off your look and all it takes is a simple swipe and you can easily tell by looking at this photo and my first OOTD photo at the beginning of this post, as well as in the fitting room photos below.

The only item I did not leave with here is the buffalo plaid fleece-lined jacket. :)
The weather was perfect for the ideal fall day - I think this may be my favorite time of year because it's not too hot and not too cold. :)

Also perfect for fall are these apple chips, which I made after apple picking one weekend because we had an abundance of apples. I tested the recipe out first with just one apple and these were so tasty that A and I gobbled it all up before we even made it to the train station on our way to work. :)

1 apple

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
2. Cut an apple in half and then cut the core out.
3. Thinly slice with a mandolin or sharp knife, being careful
4. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
5. Bake for 1 hour. Flip and sprinkle other side with cinnamon.
6. Bake another 45 minutes.
7. Cool for 15 minutes to allow to crisp up.
8. Top loaf with gravy and optional green onions.

Nutrition per serving:
80 calories
22g carbs
0g fat
1g protein

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." -e.e. cummings


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