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August Haul + Vegan Hummus

Here's August's Haul as I am trying to quickly catch up: With the exception of the Ann Taylor Petite Denim Zip Jacket (which is on Final Sale now for 50% off!) and Ugg Mini Bailey Bow Boots , which I've finally given in to due to their convenienve and warmth, I was obsessed with stocking up on swimwear and sleepwear for my upcoming honeymoon in August! I'm really happy that I've finally found a denim jacket that is not your conventional one, yet can be worn casually and also be dressed up for work. I've never been a fan before of Uggs, but A and also the pretty navy color convinced me to try it. I'm excited to wear them out on the weekends to run errands on chilly days, which are actually here already. While trying to keep slim for my upcoming wedding, I discovered a receipe for a super delicious hummus dip that I will definitely be making again: BRIETTA'S VEGAN HUMMUS RECIPE! Ingredients: 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed (reserve liqui

LOFT Reviews + Bacon Turkey Meatloaf

***There's actually 50% off EVERYTHING at today! I popped into a LOFT store after work to join my friend and it was luckily a special event night where there were free cupcakes, soda, and a braid bar! My unique fishtail/spiral braid :) I actually wanted everything I tried on but narrowed it down to about half the armload I brought into the fitting room. I didn't expect to purchase anything at all but ended up buying more than my friend and even opened a credit card (so unexpected). Luckily, the entire store was 40% off and the reason I decided to open a credit card is because I shop at LOFT and Ann Taylor so often that I figure the points I would rack up from my purchases would add up to essentially free items and I would also be able to take advantage of better sales. I'm seriously loving all the cozy knits in stores now because I've noticed that as my style has progressed as I've got older, comfort and style is the top priority now when shoppin

July Haul + Cooking Tips/ Smoked Pork Shoulder Tacos

I'm super behind on hauls because of a mishap I had with Burberry when trying to alter the sleeves of my Burberry Brit Bosworth Quilted Patchwork Coat . I ordered it during the big Nordstrom sale back when it was still summer (feels like winter now!) and brought it in to a store location to get the sleeves hemmed (unfortunately, it's only free to hem if you order direct from Burberry) but when the coat came back a month later (!), there was a problem where my arm couldn't go through the sleeve on the right side so it had to be sent back and then it took another 2-3 weeks to come back again, so in the end, I was quite frustrated but thankfully, the manager at the store did waive the alteration fee because of all the trouble. Since I've been waiting for the coat to come back for so long, I didn't get it back until right before my wedding and then I was off to my honeymoon right afterwards, so here's my July Haul (finally): July's haul is real