Sheinside Review + Spring Shoe Game

I mentioned in this post that I finally decided to order from Sheinside to see how their fit and quality is since I've seen bloggers purchase their items. What finally got me to do it is their Grey Long Sleeve Single Button Tweed Coat, which surprisingly fits very snugly and needs no alterations as you can see below.

I actually ordered a whole ton of stuff but only ended up keeping two pairs of shorts and a scarf blanket.

Now that it's finally warm out in NYC (yay!), I definitely feel I need to up my Spring/Summer Shoe game because I haven't bought new sandals in a long time so I've been purchasing shoes left and right to find the right ones. So far, I've only picked up a few pairs and have yet to find a solid staple pair to replace my beloved flat black sandals with gold chain.

I've been coveting these J.Crew Malta Sandals for a while and finally decided to try them out but I disappointingly did not like them and returned them.

Left to right: ASOS Frankie Flat Sandals, Crocs Women's Leigh Wedge, Le Saunda Wedge Sandals.
I've been perusing the ASOS website for some headpieces for my wedding, which I found (!), and also browsed their shoes, since they offer smaller sizing in both clothing and shoes, which I love, just like Nordstrom does. I ordered a bunch but ended up only keeping these ASOS Frankie Flat Sandals.

A has been touting how comfortable Crocs are for a long time now and I've always shunned them because I disliked their styles but I checked out their store and they actually have some really cute styles that are super comfortable. I ended up keeping two pairs of their Crocs Women's Leigh Wedge in Black and Storm/Mushroom, as you can see here on me in Black.

Lastly, while in Hong Kong, I picked up super comfortable wedge sandals from a Le Saunda outlet store (shown in last month's haul), which I love since I've been pining for comfy shoes that give height.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion. -Tony Hsieh"


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