April Haul Part II + Hong Kong

A week after I came back from Paris, I was off to China for a work trip and since I came back, it has been a whirlwind of nonstop things to do until I finally had a weekend to myself this Saturday. It's so true that everyone is so much busier now that we're all in our late 20s. I can just imagine how much more busier it will even become once we all start having kids within the next 5 years. Anyway, I posted the previous post without realizing I would actually purchase more in the month of April, but purchase I did. Even though I only had a day and a half in Hong Kong to myself during my trip to China for 8 days and also had my hair and makeup trial done within that time, I managed to buy a ton of stuff in 2-3 hours, which shocked my dear friend and said makeup artist/hair stylist ("You bought 6 pairs of shoes in 2 hours?!"...-Yes, I shamefully admitted, I did - although I do have to say they were super affordable in my defense - such as a pair of booties from Monki, bottom left, for under $10!).

I also managed to do some online shopping during my short time back and ended up trying Sheinside for the first time, which has some surprisingly good pieces at very affordable prices, such as the tweed jacket above. I'll post a more detailed review of what I decided to keep soon. I just want to also mention that I just discovered how amazingly soft and perfectly Paige Denim jeans fit on me, especially their Verdugo Crop Jeans, which didn't even need alterations. I will definitely do a more detailed post on these soon too. Lastly, I mentioned here how well Triangl swim fit on me and so I decided to order some more and ended up returning the white for the ones seen here. :)

Here's a few snaps from my China/Hong Kong trip:

View from my hotel room
Original style buildings
Original style rooftops
I honestly did not think our normal-sized car was going to make it over this tiny bridge but we did!
View from the office
Some OOTD while in China. Stayed cool in shorts and skirts. :)
Left to right: Top from H&M, old but similar here and bottom from H&M here. Top from Gap, old but similar here. Top from A/X, old but similar here. Top from Banana Republic, old but cute option here.
I miss the food from China and HK! Left to right, top to bottom: Fried rice in banana leaves, fried dumplings, Transformers on my water bottle, fancy Evian bottle, KFC pulled pork sandwich (not so great), coconut-black sesame mini cakes, wonton noodle soup, corned beef egg sandwich w/ Ribena, Lab Made ice cream. :)
I managed to squeeze in some time for shopping of course. Here, I'm trying on some skirts from Izzue and left with the white mesh overlay one on the left.
My hair and makeup trial! My wonderful friend Helena owns a studio, High Hide and I love what she did. I will go with both hair up and hair down since I like them both so much. :)
Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston S. Churchill


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