February Haul + Chanel and Moncler in Paris/London!

Last month's haul wasn't so bad when considering what I purchased in London and Paris...and most of it was purchased there too. :)

It was my first time traveling to both London and Paris and I loved it! Three days per city was definitely not enough time to explore all I wanted to but I definitely squeezed in some shopping while there! :)

My BFF N and I popped into the store Joy on my first day in London and was drawn to a cardigan with embroidered squirrels on it, which probably stems from my previous want of a sweater with animals on it as mentioned here. My BFF teasingly told me to try on one that had foxes, rabbits, AND squirrels on (top left) it so I obliged but surprisingly, I liked it very much and ended up buying it. :)

We decided to skip stores from the US since London is pricey but I couldn't resist popping into an Anthropologie to check out their petites section. I fell in love with this Lilith Buttondown and also this Sea-Swept Jacket. I luckily found Lilith Buttondown the shirt online but the jacket was sold out so I ended up paying more than I could have for it but I loved it too much to let it go. Though I love both, I can't say enough about the Lilith Buttondown. I absolutely love how soft it is and love that it's the very first white buttondown shirt that I own and fits so nicely. :)

Left: Cotton Parka. Right: Plaid Shirt.
I found a cute jacket and plaid shirt at Zara but withheld since London is quite expensive.

I glanced through Marks and Spencer's kid's section while the BFF used the loo (hehe) and scooped up this cute pair of scalloped shorts, which I've found are a hit with my girlfriends but are a no-go for A. Despite that, I am very happy with this purchase. :)

Both London and Paris were a lot colder than I expected so my Burberry wool coat was definitely not warm enough, which made me wish I could buy a coat while there. I'm so glad my BFF convinced me to pop into Moncler since their styles looked small because I was blown away that they actually carry size 00 and it fit so well! I tried on many styles and ended up leaving with two new jackets.

Loaded down with Moncler (eventually retuning one)
Moncler 'Saby' Jacket
I first found this in Printemps, where we were shopping and really wanted a long jacket but they didn't have much and since I loved this 'Saby' Jacket so much, which was the very first jacket I tried on, I decided to take it. However, after we left the mall, we passed by an actual Moncler store so I couldn't resist popping in to see if there were more options. The SA at this store was much more helpful, bringing me out multiple styles to try on, and all of which I loved. It was so hard to make a decision, but I finally left with the Pleated Parka with Fur-Trim Hood, which was the only one that N really liked on me. As you can see in the photos below, the sleeve length is perfect on me, while the sleeve length of the 'Saby above is a tad bit too long if I were to nitpick it. The underarm area is also a bit tight if I were to layer up underneath it, so that's what led me to decide to return it, which was a good decision, considering our Chanel stop afterwards. It also doesn't seem very practical to me anymore to purchase a short winter jacket since the freezing cold NY weather encourages me to cover up as much of myself as I can so I've been grabbing my long AE puffer all season long, mentioned here.

Moncler Pleated Parka with Fur-Trim Hood
Below are a few others I tried on but I also tried the Moncler 'Fabrebur' Padded Coat and Moncler Chambley, both of which fit well. I absolutely love that I've found an outwear brand that makes my size and has so many different styles, all of which seem very unique yet warm. I do notice though that size 00 isn't common online so I hope it doesn't require another trip across the pond to buy some more, though another vacation sounds good to me.

Left: Moncler 'Garbet' Padded Coat. Right: Moncler 'Charpal' Padded Coat (the long version of 'Saby').

cutest hat ever but the sizing is for little kids :(
Sadly, the only other store we really had time to go to was Chanel, since we both were on a mission to buy some for our friends but while there, I guiltily left with much more than I intended to.
Trying on the Boy Chanel Flap Bag that I'm picking up for V. :)
Left: Boy Chanel Flap Bag. Right: the one I got! :)

We had way too much fun arranging this photoshoot, which reminded me of when we used to play with Barbies. Our Chanel haul, which includes bags we also helped pick up for our lucky friends. :)

Aside from shopping, here are a few snaps from Paris:

Coat: : Burberry Brit Daylesmoore Coat. Bag: Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel. Boots:  BCBGirls Petler Boots.

The Hall of Mirrors! Me + my new Moncler and my Moncler return in tow.
Coat: Moncler Pleated Parka with Fur-Trim Hood. Bag: Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation." -Roger Staubach


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