Closet Organization + Ready for Summer!

It felt so good when I finally finished organizing and putting everything away into my half of our closet (yes, I gave A half!). I touched on shoe organization in this post but here are just a few snaps of the rest of my closet, showing that I actually managed to fit all of my clothes, bags, and shoes into my half, with the exception of all my outerwear, which I store in a separate closet:

A peek into my closet from the entrance.
Shoe storage in clear boxes at the very top.
Just three shoe racks - everything else is boxed up - clear boxes on top and regular boxes on the bottom
Love the handy spot to hang my OOTD and bench to get stuff up top :)

I do have to say that though I do like the Walnut & Chrome 14" Juniors Wood Dress/Shirt Hangers from Only Hangers, I much prefer my old Real Simple Slimline Flocked hangers since I can fit so much more on a rack. With this in mind, I decided to try out some Closet Complete Kids Velvet Ultra Thin No Slip Hangers and have to say that they do work well for the most part. Since they're super small, my sleeveless tops that have wide straps don't lay fully on the hanger but it doesn't bother me enough because I love that it makes my closet look so much neater since there's much less protrusion from the hanger ends. :)

Comparison of the hangers, from top to bottom: Normal-sized Real Simple Slimline Flocked hangers, Walnut & Chrome 14" Juniors Wood Dress/Shirt Hangers, and Closet Complete Kids Velvet Ultra Thin No Slip Hangers.

Bag corner :)
Close-up of bag organization.
I love my corner shelves for storing all my bags but I unfortunately couldn't fit them all  there so keep the rest in handy Baroque Taupe Fabric Storage Boxes by reisenthel from the Container Store. Since they can all get squished pretty easily in there, I used up the last of my hoarded air pillow as mentioned in my previous post, to stuff them, which works really well. :)

In anticipation of my honeymoon to Bora Bora, I've been perusing a lot of swimwear in circulars lately and as you can see in my last haul, I bought a swim top from Victoria's Secret but have since also noticed many people posting photos with Triangl swimwear so I couldn't help but try it myself. I have to say that the fit of the Milly in size XXS is perfect for me with no gaping at the top of the cup at all. The only regret I have is that I may have preferred the Black over the Arctic Ice but I still can't wait to put it to use later this year. :)

Milly in Arctic Ice

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "If half of the audience doesn't understand what is being said, then everyone has a whole host of problems. -from The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership"


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