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Closet Organization + Ready for Summer!

It felt so good when I finally finished organizing and putting everything away into my half of our closet (yes, I gave A half!). I touched on shoe organization in this post but here are just a few snaps of the rest of my closet, showing that I actually managed to fit all of my clothes, bags, and shoes into my half, with the exception of all my outerwear, which I store in a separate closet:

I do have to say that though I do like the Walnut & Chrome 14" Juniors Wood Dress/Shirt Hangers from Only Hangers, I much prefer my old Real Simple Slimline Flocked hangers since I can fit so much more on a rack. With this in mind, I decided to try out some Closet Complete Kids Velvet Ultra Thin No Slip Hangers and have to say that they do work well for the most part. Since they're super small, my sleeveless tops that have wide straps don't lay fully on the hanger but it doesn't bother me enough because I love that it makes my closet look so much neater since there's much le…

Bridal Sneak Peek! + Fresh Herb Brined Turkey Recipe

I finally had my first dress try-on, which was very exciting because I haven't seen it since October. Upon putting it on, I was at first panicking about my decision, wondering if I really should have gotten the pearl instead of white and also if I even picked the right dress, which I've seen before on the show Say Yes to the Dress. Ultimately, I am still happy with my decision. I just want to share a snap of this very first try on before my first fitting since it definitely needs to be shortened quite a lot in the front and I do want to take out a lot of the tulle underneath too so it's not as voluminous since I wanted more of an A-line gown versus full-blown ball gown.

At the same time, I decided to check out the Ann Taylor Katrina Ankle Strap Sandals and Ann Taylor Katrina Rhinestone Sandals, but have decided to return them because they aren't very comfortable and stick with my original plan to wear either my nude Christian Louboutin Gortika Patent Leather A…

February Haul + Chanel and Moncler in Paris/London!

Last month's haul wasn't so bad when considering what I purchased in London and Paris...and most of it was purchased there too. :)

It was my first time traveling to both London and Paris and I loved it! Three days per city was definitely not enough time to explore all I wanted to but I definitely squeezed in some shopping while there! :)

My BFF N and I popped into the store Joy on my first day in London and was drawn to a cardigan with embroidered squirrels on it, which probably stems from my previous want of a sweater with animals on it as mentioned here. My BFF teasingly told me to try on one that had foxes, rabbits, AND squirrels on (top left) it so I obliged but surprisingly, I liked it very much and ended up buying it. :)

We decided to skip stores from the US since London is pricey but I couldn't resist popping into an Anthropologie to check out their petites section. I fell in love with this Lilith Buttondown and also this Sea-Swept Jacket. I luckily found Lilith Bu…


As mentioned in the last post, A and I went snowboarding over Valentine's Day weekend. :)

Though it's been almost two years since I've last been, it came back naturally right away and I had a lot of fun, despite my injury years ago, that I mentioned here. I've been snowboarding for 6 years now and have since switched my gear only once or twice. My helmet is the Giro Fuse helmet, which is the only helmet I've ever owned because I didn't wear one at first, until I hurriedly bought one after experiencing whiplash. To be honest, I only bought mine because yellow-green is my favorite color; it really isn't a problem to find one that fits. I customized my Oakley A-frame goggles from their website and couldn't help including my name on it.

One of the toughest things to buy is the snowboarding jacket because it's so frustrating when things don't fit well, making you look bulky and boy-ish, which means it's easy to get mistaken as a little boy on the…