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Closet Organization + Ready for Summer!

It felt so good when I finally finished organizing and putting everything away into my half of our closet (yes, I gave A half!). I touched on shoe organization in this post but here are just a few snaps of the rest of my closet, showing that I actually managed to fit all of my clothes, bags, and shoes into my half, with the exception of all my outerwear, which I store in a separate closet: A peek into my closet from the entrance. Shoe storage in clear boxes at the very top. Just three shoe racks - everything else is boxed up - clear boxes on top and regular boxes on the bottom Love the handy spot to hang my OOTD and bench to get stuff up top :) I do have to say that though I do like the Walnut & Chrome 14" Juniors Wood Dress/Shirt Hangers from Only Hangers, I much prefer my old Real Simple Slimline Flocked hangers since I can fit so much more on a rack. With this in mind, I decided to try out some Closet Complete Kids Velvet Ultra Thin No Slip Hangers

Bridal Sneak Peek! + Fresh Herb Brined Turkey Recipe

I finally had my first dress try-on, which was very exciting because I haven't seen it since October. Upon putting it on, I was at first panicking about my decision, wondering if I really should have gotten the pearl instead of white and also if I even picked the right dress, which I've seen before on the show Say Yes to the Dress . Ultimately, I am still happy with my decision. I just want to share a snap of this very first try on before my first fitting since it definitely needs to be shortened quite a lot in the front and I do want to take out a lot of the tulle underneath too so it's not as voluminous since I wanted more of an A-line gown versus full-blown ball gown. At the same time, I decided to check out the Ann Taylor Katrina Ankle Strap Sandals and Ann Taylor Katrina Rhinestone Sandals , but have decided to return them because they aren't very comfortable and stick with my original plan to wear either my nude Christian Louboutin Gortika Patent Lea

February Haul + Chanel and Moncler in Paris/London!

Last month's haul wasn't so bad when considering what I purchased in London and Paris...and most of it was purchased there too. :) It was my first time traveling to both London and Paris and I loved it! Three days per city was definitely not enough time to explore all I wanted to but I definitely squeezed in some shopping while there! :) My BFF N and I popped into the store Joy on my first day in London and was drawn to a cardigan with embroidered squirrels on it, which probably stems from my previous want of a sweater with animals on it as mentioned here. My BFF teasingly told me to try on one that had foxes, rabbits, AND squirrels on (top left) it so I obliged but surprisingly, I liked it very much and ended up buying it. :) We decided to skip stores from the US since London is pricey but I couldn't resist popping into an Anthropologie to check out their petites section. I fell in love with this Lilith Buttondown and also this Sea-Swept Jacket . I lu


As mentioned in the last post , A and I went snowboarding over Valentine's Day weekend. :) Helmet: Giro Fuse helmet . Goggles: Oakley A-frame . Gloves: Spyder Over Web Boys' . Jacket: Burton Tabloid Jacket . Though it's been almost two years since I've last been, it came back naturally right away and I had a lot of fun, despite my injury years ago, that I mentioned here . I've been snowboarding for 6 years now and have since switched my gear only once or twice. My helmet is the Giro Fuse helmet , which is the only helmet I've ever owned because I didn't wear one at first, until I hurriedly bought one after experiencing whiplash. To be honest, I only bought mine because yellow-green is my favorite color; it really isn't a problem to find one that fits. I customized my Oakley A-frame goggles from their website and couldn't help including my name on it. Oakley A-frame goggles One of the toughest things to buy is the snowboarding jacket beca