Shoe Organization (Tip #3) + Catching Up!

So I've finally moved in! Although the house was still not yet done, A and I decided we've had enough of being disappointed and decided to move in even though there would still be construction happening around us. Honestly, I really feel it was the right decision because it feels so good to be home, even if it isn't completely done. The most important space to me, of course, was the walk-in closet because it doesn't feel right unless I can unpack my stuff and luckily enough, our bedroom and closet were the first places that were completed. However, I'm still now dealing with the sticky situation of putting away all of my shoes and clothes, especially since I pretty much gave up half, (Yes, half! and my friends are in disbelief) of my closet to A, who insisted on needing it. So far, I'm switching out almost all my shoe boxes (with the exception of the really pretty ones like my CLs) to clear plastic ones, which I've talked about here. I actually purchased a different kind this time around to see if they would be better and also because they are more narrow, which suits my closet better because of the amount of space I have.

The new ones I purchased, the Whitmor 6362-2693-2 Clear Vue Collection Boot Box, Set of 2 and Whitmor 6362-2691-4 Clear Vue Collection Women's Shoe Box, Set of 4, do suit my closet perfectly because they fit perfectly into the slot above my hanging clothes as you can see in the photo below.

However, after much comparison shopping, I do find that the shoe box version of my original stacking shoeboxes from the Container Store, are cheaper, more see-through, and also more durable, though the nice thing about the Whitmor ones is that there are air holes.

I've noticed once that there was a lot of condensation that built up in one of my boxes that housed my Nike Air Jordans. In terms of boot boxes, the Whitmor definitely wins in terms of price and I like that they are more space saving because I can stack more on top of each other on my floor. 

Top: Whitmor 6362-2691-4 Clear Vue Collection Women's Shoe Box. Bottom: Shoe Boxes from the Container Store.
I'm going to admit that I am quite the pack rat and that I've been getting a bazillion packages everyday for the past two weeks after moving in because I realized belatedly that I needed so many things such as tape, scissors, cutting boards, cutlery, plates, garbage cans, towels, sheets, etc. I highly recommend packing things up when you're moving very clearly so you can find the essentials right away and also making lists of things you will need once you've moved in, which I failed to do but will definitely do so if I ever move again. Anyway, with the multitude of packages I've been getting, I've also been getting tons of air pillows and packing paper that I've been keeping.

I now have two very huge bags full of air pillows but have since found one very useful purpose for them, which is to stuff my boots with them to keep their shape before packing them into my clear boot boxes, which I'm quite proud of because it's free and very practical.

Luckily for me, A has not said a word about  my hoarding (yet). :)

And here's a few photos of recent happenings that I haven't had a chance to mention because I've been so busy moving in...
My personal trainings have been going very well. Though getting one is expensive, I do recommend them if you're looking for results! And I've always told myself I would before my wedding. :)
Matching Chloes :)
Jacket: Burberry Brit Daylesmoore Coat. Bag: Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel. Boots: BCBGirls Petler Boots.
Casual brunch :)
Top: Old but similar here.

I bought this Do It Yourself Aluminum Clock and A did a great job putting it up. :)

A and I went snowboarding on Valentine's Day but I'll share that separately soon with reviews of my snowboarding gear for petites like me. :)

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Choose a job in your life, and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius


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