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January Haul + the Bridal Party

Here's this year's first haul for me and I honestly thought I didn't shop but I was wrong. I do have to say that I love how the Cole Haan 'Arlington' Boots look on. Though they are not as comfortable as I thought they were upon trying them on, I'm hoping the tightness in the front by the pinky toes will feel better after some breaking in since the leather is very stiff. I love the outer zipper detail and the cut at the top of the boot. As mentioned here , the tank top is probably the cheapest tank top I will ever buy at $0.19! But out my purchases made last month,I really love the initial box and plates that I bought from C. Wonder. They were on sale and fit perfectly in my new bathroom (dishes for the double sink) and on my nightstand. :) I've already found my wedding dress as posted here, but I hadn't finalized my bridesmaids dresses until now. I originally was going for a grey theme as mentioned here, but changed my mind to go with dresses tha

Shoe Organization (Tip #3) + Catching Up!

So I've finally moved in! Although the house was still not yet done, A and I decided we've had enough of being disappointed and decided to move in even though there would still be construction happening around us. Honestly, I really feel it was the right decision because it feels so good to be home, even if it isn't completely done. The most important space to me, of course, was the walk-in closet because it doesn't feel right unless I can unpack my stuff and luckily enough, our bedroom and closet were the first places that were completed. However, I'm still now dealing with the sticky situation of putting away all of my shoes and clothes, especially since I pretty much gave up half, (Yes, half! and my friends are in disbelief) of my closet to A, who insisted on needing it. So far, I'm switching out almost all my shoe boxes (with the exception of the really pretty ones like my CLs) to clear plastic ones, which I've talked about here . I actually purchased a