Holiday Party + December Haul

Happy New Year! I finally put the gold brocade dress from this post that I bought early this year to good use at my company's annual holiday party. :)

I forgot to mention last month that I also purchased the Beaded Crystal Bib Necklace from LOFT, which I'm wearing above. It's my first time wearing it and I'm very happy with how it can dress up an already dressy outfit but also elevates a casual look as well. It's actually just the second statement necklace that I now own, even after writing this post. :)

Here's this month's haul and I'm proud to say that I was very close to having nothing to show this month!

Left to right: Petite Scallop Lace Peplum Shell, Petite Lou & Grey Pattern Play Jacket, Petite Mosaic Stripe Rib Trim Tank.
I couldn't resist the holiday sales at LOFT, which is one of my favorite retailers and am very happy with the pieces I've picked up (60% off sale styles now!). The first piece on the left is their Petite Scallop Lace Peplum Shell, which could be more fitted on my but I love that it's something I can wear under a blazer as well as alone with a skirt. The top part is a navy color, while the rest of the body in lace is black. The second piece is the Petite Lou & Grey Pattern Play Jacket, which is my most favorite because it fits like a glove and feels soft like a sweatshirt yet is work-appropriate since it's a fitted blazer. I try to shop for pieces that can be worn both at work and on weekends, so this one fits that perfectly. Lastly, I picked up the Petite Mosaic Stripe Rib Trim Shell, which A isn't a fan of because it's a straight-cut piece but I love how lightweight it is, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer and also layered under cardigans or blazers.

I also want to mention that A and I stopped by the Old Navy in SoHo on Friday, which was going out of business and I picked up a black/white striped tank top for only $0.19. It was so hard for me to accept that it was so cheap because I can't even buy a bag of chips for that price! The only thing I thought I could get for $0.19 is a Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kid. :)

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expect sit to change. The leader adjusts the sails." -John C. Maxwell


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