October Haul + More

Here's a snapshot of what I purchased in October and from the looks of it, I'm back in shopping mode again. The sweats I picked up from V.I.M. were done so when I went there with A who likes to shop there and the maxi skirts were on sale for about $7 each so I couldn't resist, especially since I've been wanting some summery maxi skirts; now I can wear them on my honeymoon. :)


I just realized I forgot to include two items in my previous August and September hauls! I picked up a pair of North Face Women's Etip Gloves while in Seattle during my Alaska cruise ship and forgot all about them until now because it was still so warm when I picked them up. As mentioned here in this post from last year, I did have a pair of touch gloves but they didn't fit very well so when I saw how perfectly these fit in a North Face store, I happily paid full price for them. I also want to note that they also offered these touch gloves in kid's sizes (times are changing!) but those gloves didn't fit quite right on my hands and went with the Women's size XS, which came in many pretty colors. I really wanted a pair in but found out from a SA that it was actually unisex so that size XS fit a little bit bigger than the Women's XS, which I think is important to note.

North Face Women's Etip Gloves
 The other item I picked up in September that I forgot about since it wasn't purchased in South Africa is this Old Navy girl's sweatshirt. I love it because the fleece lining is so soft and comfy and the design is so cute. The sleeves are a bit short on me but I preferred this piece in size 8 over because I'd rather it be fitted than oversized on me at this tunic length.

Top: Old Navy girl's. Pants: LOFT leggings (old, but similar here). Boots: Tory Burch 'Jaden Strap Boots',

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. -Robert H. Schuller"


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