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Woodbury Commons Outlet Haul

In order to complete some challenges set by our credit card company to earn points for our honeymoon, A and I opted to stay at a hotel near Woodbury Commons Outlet to do some shopping over the weekend. :) Below are a few snaps of some of the things I tried on. My first stop was, of course, LOFT, and I only ended up leaving with the two items in the middle. I felt the sparkly tank would be a nice way to spruce up my usual blazer uniform for work during the holidays and can be worn multiple ways with shorts and skirts too. The blue plaid dress was on sale and I didn't really think much of it on the hanger but the size 00P fit very well throughout so I decided to pick it up at $20. I thought the scalloped lace dress at the far right is very cute and flattering but it was a big no from A so I sadly put it back. Boots:  Tory Burch 'Jaden Strap Boots' .  Trying on some shoes: Left: Cole Haan. Right: Elie Tahari.  Trying on some shades: Left: BCBG Max Azria. Righ

October Haul + More

Here's a snapshot of what I purchased in October and from the looks of it, I'm back in shopping mode again. The sweats I picked up from V.I.M. were done so when I went there with A who likes to shop there and the maxi skirts were on sale for about $7 each so I couldn't resist, especially since I've been wanting some summery maxi skirts; now I can wear them on my honeymoon. :)       I just realized I forgot to include two items in my previous August and September hauls! I picked up a pair of North Face Women's Etip Gloves while in Seattle during my Alaska cruise ship and forgot all about them until now because it was still so warm when I picked them up. As mentioned here in this post from last year, I did have a pair of touch gloves but they didn't fit very well so when I saw how perfectly these fit in a North Face store, I happily paid full price for them. I also want to note that they also offered these touch gloves in kid's sizes (times are cha

Engagement Photos (Tip #2) + Uniqlo/Nordstrom Bobeau Review

I'm so excited to share some of my enagement photos! First though, I had to decide what to wear and just picked up a Textured Knit Skater Skirt in White from Forever 21 the weekend before it just for the occasion. I already knew I wanted to wear primarily black since that's all A wears but thought the white skirt would be a nice touch. In the end, I was deciding between wearing all black with the white skirt or wear a grey pleather jacket since I've decided on grey as a wedding theme color. OUTFIT ON RIGHT: Jacket: Venus Faux Leather Sleeve Sweater . Tank: H&M Pima Cotton Tank Top . Skirt: F orever 21 Textured Knit Skater Skirt . Tights: Uniqlo Women's Heattech Tights . OUTFIT ON LEFT: Jacket: Forever 21 Girl's Cropped Pleather Jacket (old)  Tank: H&M Pima Cotton Tank Top . Skirt: F orever 21 Textured Knit Skater Skirt . Tights: Uniqlo Women's Heattech Tights . In the end, I finally decided to go with all black so I would match A better an

Burberry Brit Daylesmoore Coat Review + Zucchini Pizza Bites

Ok, so I just purchased the Burberry Brit Daylesmoore coat and I love it! It'll be my fourth Burberry jacket but to justify it, I am very much in need of a new wool coat for winter and my other three Burberry jackets are very light and unsuitable for really cold weather. I initially bought this coat from Saks Fifth Avenue but after realizing they don't offer free alterations like Burberry does, I repurchased it from a Burberry store. As mentioned above, I absolutely love it. The size 0 fits so well throughout and the only alterations needed are to shorten the sleeve length and shift up the belt loops. I'm still waiting for the altered coat to come in but just wanted to share now since it's getting so cold now. It feels like it's winter already! Coat: Burberry Brit Daylesmoore Coat . Pants: LOFT legging jeans (old). Shoes: Melissa Jean + Jason Wu Cutout Jelly Ballet Flats . Here will most likely be my last recipe for quite a while. I won't be able to cook