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Picking THE Dress: David's Bridal, Kleinfeld, RK Bridal..!

Being so tiny, (under 4' 11"), I thought it would be really difficult trying on wedding dresses and deciding what kind of dress I would want but I was very surprised and happy to find that it's so easy to clip back a size 10 or size 12 dress to see how it would look on a much smaller frame. All in all, I tried on around 60 dresses before I found "the one", but more on that later. Here's a little summary of all the places I went and my process for choosing my dress. My very first stop was David's Bridal and I was extremely happy to find out they carry Melissa Sweet gowns because I fell in love with this designer's dresses over 8 years ago when I helped my sister plan her wedding. Melissa Sweet's designs are just really sweet and really appealed to me so when I got to David's Bridal, I mainly tried on different silhouettes and mostly Melissa Sweet gowns. David's Bridal gowns from left to right: 1. Melissa Sweet Trumpet Gown with Venis

September Haul + Dominica!

Everything from September's Haul was actually purchased in South Africa, as mentioned in the last post :)    *EDIT: Not everything is from South Africa! I forgot to include this piece, which I picked up from Old Navy girl's. :) And here's some pics from my DR trip with A, which is also most likely my last trip of the year: What I miss so much - buffet, all day everyday Hammock time Chess time Sad to leave this paradise October haul to hopefully come soon! Leaving you with this quote of the day, "The golden rule for every business man is this: "Put yourself in your customer's place."" -Orison Sweet Marden

South African Adventure + Shopping!

Shortly after my trip to Alaska, I left yet again to South Africa (I really need to space out my trips). I had an amazing time exploring nature there and went on multiple game drives that I will never forget. World Design Capital 2014 - perfect time for us to visit :)   Heading up to Table Mountain, one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature. Seal island!   Boulder's Bay, the highlight of my trip :) Posing So far from home.. this is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.     Beautiful garden   Breathtaking view The game drives were unbelievably awesome. Rhino selfie! Hi! Party in the Bush Cute little warthogs Zebras cuddling Pano shot Lioness!   50' statueof Nelson Mandela! Since I was on vacation, I did do some shopping and relaxing too, and here are a few shots of what I tried on: Another little black dress for my collection - I really like the faux leather mixed with mesh trim