J.Crew XXXS + Schoolboy Blazer Reviews

I first noticed the offering of J.Crew's size XXXS several weeks ago but dismissed it because I assumed it wasn't really a new size but after seeing some controversy about it online, I decided to see for myself since I was picking up their Schoolboy blazer and always check the sales section before checking out.

J.Crew Jacquard back-zip sweatshirt
When the Jacquard back-zip sweatshirt came in, I fell for the design and hand feel of the fabric - a thick, yet soft, jacquard fabric that's a really pretty color but upon trying it on, I was shocked to realize how it was much too small for me. After struggling to get it fully on, I noticed the length fit great on me but my chest was extremely constricted so that I could barely breathe and it was the same for my arms. I would be able to understand if the arms were too tight since I work out and my arms aren't skinny but I am really not well-endowed (at most a size 32A) so I'm shocked that it's so tight on me there. I'm not sure if it's because this fabric isn't forgiving and doesn't have as much stretch as usual so that this size would fit better in other styles.

Left: J. Crew Schoolboy blazer. Right: Theory blazer.

The whole reason for my order is to get the Schoolboy blazer in their normal petite XXS and am happy with the fit. The sleeve length is perfect as is the size around. The only thing bothering me is the shoulder/shoulder pads, which seems a bit too wide on me but that doesn't bother me enough to want to return this piece since I bought it on sale for a good price and it's of nice quality. Aside from a theory navy blazer (shown above in comparison), this is the second wool blazer that I own now, which I wish wasn't also in navy but was the only color left in my size online.

While in store returning the Jacquard back-zip sweatshirt, I tried a pair of pants on that I found in size 000, which is also a new size they carry now and was pleased to find that it fit well at the waist and length, though this did have an elasticized drawstring waist. I'll be on the lookout for other reviews on these sizes since I didn't have much time to look for more styles to try on. And fyi, there's a 40% off sale going on now on J.crew.com. :) 

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