Hong Kong Haul: Celine Trio Crossbody Bag + H&M White Dress

Ever since I found out Chanel's bag prices have gone up again early this month in the U.S., I have been unable to take my mind off of how much I want one so spent my one night in Hong Kong after dinner trying to find it. I was out of luck but ended up in the Celine store and bought the Trio Crossbody Bag, which I've also been coveting for a while. I originally wanted red but it isn't the right color for me. When I tried on this pale blue color, I was sold. Since it is a tri-zip, it can really fit a lot of stuff and you can conveniently remove the pouches to use as separate clutches too.

I'm also very happy with the purchase of this white dress from H&M, which is of a nice, thick, textured knit material. It fits really well and has a nice flared bottom, which can be styled many different ways, which I took advantage of while in China and Taiwan below, wearing it for work and also casually out. :)

Surprisingly, I didn't shop in any of the local boutiques because I was short on time but am very happy with what I did end up getting above. Even though I could have purchased these items here in the states, it's also just such a different experience shopping in another country and my experience in the Celine store really goes to show that customer service is a really important part of the sale. My friend who went shopping with me ended up buying a very expensive bag, which she has been eying for a while now but confessed she didn't buy it last time because the salesperson at Celine just wasn't as nice and encouraging as this one.

I'm extremely happy to be back home now, especially since I caught the flu while in China. Being sick spoiled the day off I had for my trip to Taiwan, but I still tried to enjoy as much delicious food as I could. Highlights as follows:

Photos from left to right: 1 & 2: Super fresh seafood spot. 3: Beautiful buildings. 4 & 5: Most delicious brown sugar bubble tea ever. 6. Huge watermelons! Freshly squeezed juice is popular here. 7. Raohe Night Market! 8. Delicious traditional breakfast of soya milky and cruller egg sandwich. 9. Milk everything. Wish I tried. 10. Love the packaging for this milk tea & coffee line. 11. Cherry blossom Carmex. 12. Square ice cream cones that I sadly did not eat. 13. Too cute. Small dogs were everywhere. 14. Resting in a park. 15. Really yummy cold noodles, a Taiwanese specialty. 16. Manhole. 17. Shilin Night Market! 18. Traditional shaved ice dessert is so refreshing. 19. Cotton candy duck. I just can't. 20. Carting my huge bag of snacks through the airport.  

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "To light the Soul-fire, make your body sound and healthy."


  1. Love the bag!
    The colour is so unique as well =)
    The H&M dress looks great on you =)

    1. Thanks!! I couldn't resist the bag when I saw that color :)


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