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Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel + Banana Republic Reviews

After all the bags I just purchased, I vowed not to buy any more for a long time... until I tried on my friend's Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel and fell in love with it. It's the perfect size for me so I couldn't resist just adding one more bag to my collection. :) It's the last one for now, I promise! The newest addition to my handbag family. :) Top: Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Striped Sleeveless Shirt . Pants: American Eagle Outfitters (old but similar here ). Shoes: Banana Republic Ninah Pump . Bag: Chloe 'Small Paraty' Leather Satchel . And since I"m wearing them here, I also want to share a few recent purchases from Banana Republic, which are the Fitted Non-Iron Striped Sleeveless Shirt and Ninah Pump .Though the shirt fits very well, I decided not to keep it because it's not really my style but it's good to know this type of shirt fits me well so I can keep an eye out for future variations of the style. I do actua

My First Chanel Bag! + Longchamp and Sam Edelman Reviews

I got the Chanel Wallet on Chain I wanted!!! I initially wanted black caviar leather with silver hardware but ended up getting it with gold hardware because silver isn't available with it everywhere I checked. My very good friend was in Paris while I was searching for it in Asia so I really couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it through her for such a good price compared to how much it's sold for here in the states with the price increase. I love it and am very happy with it as my first wearable Chanel piece. :) I initially planned to purchase the square mini but after looking at it and trying it on in person while in Hong Kong earlier this month, I definitely prefer how this one looks on me. What's nice about Chanel bags is how versatile the chain strap is - it can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder, and shortened on the shoulder with double straps. Top: Urban Outfitters (old but similar here ). Pants: LOFT (old but another cute option here ). Shoes: Sam

April Haul + Chocolate Coconut Cake

I definitely did not spend much the month of April but this month has been crazy and I don't look forward to putting together what I purchased for May. Since my trip at the beginning of this month, I've fallen off the gym wagon and have really let myself go. The amount of weight I've gained is ridiculous so I really have to stay determined to get back on track with working out and eating right. Daily buffet breakfasts and zero gym time over the course of my exhausting two week trip (on which I also got sick with the flu) has really damaged what I worked so hard to achieve since last year and I'm pretty disappointed at how much I've regressed, which really goes to show that all the hard work you do can be easily reversed. A small dessert or treat for yourself from time to time is fine, but consistently overindulging can be really damaging. I hope to reverse what's happened to me soon but since I'm in the zone of overindulging, here's a recipe for a d

Hong Kong Haul: Celine Trio Crossbody Bag + H&M White Dress

Ever since I found out Chanel's bag prices have gone up again early this month in the U.S., I have been unable to take my mind off of how much I want one so spent my one night in Hong Kong after dinner trying to find it. I was out of luck but ended up in the Celine store and bought the Trio Crossbody Bag , which I've also been coveting for a while. I originally wanted red but it isn't the right color for me. When I tried on this pale blue color, I was sold. Since it is a tri-zip, it can really fit a lot of stuff and you can conveniently remove the pouches to use as separate clutches too. I'm also very happy with the purchase of this white dress from H&M, which is of a nice, thick, textured knit material. It fits really well and has a nice flared bottom, which can be styled many different ways, which I took advantage of while in China and Taiwan below, wearing it for work and also casually out. :) Surprisingly, I didn't shop in any of the local boutique

Posture! - Pilates + Broccoli, Spinach, and Mozzarella Panini

When I was little, I remember my mom always had to remind me to sit up straight and stand up taller with my back straight because I always tended to slump or slouch a little since it was more comfortable. Thankfully, it was a habit I got out of and the Pilates class I'm currently taking has really helped me become even more aware of my posture when standing or sitting at work, which I do for hours at a time at work. I just want to point out that it's important for everyone but even more important for someone petite like me because how you carry yourself really makes a big difference with how people end up perceiving you. Standing straighter can make you seem much taller than you actually are and helps to exude confidence. Standing straight in my hotel room before heading to the Canton Fair Pilates has taught me to try to be conscious of pulling in my ribs to keep my spine in a straight line, which also helps you appear leaner. I received an eye opener a few days ago when