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Free Cookbook + Roasted Ranch Cauliflower

Taking advantage of Shutterfly's free book promotion in January, I decided to put together a cookbook of the recipes I've collected and tweaked so far. Below are a few snapshots of it and I'm really happy with how it turned out:

Shutterfly was really easy to use and I find it's just as easy to use as Snapfish, which I've used to make a photo book before (an anniversary photo book for A because his memory is terrible). There are always promotions going on at both Snapfish and Shutterfly, such as 60% off at Snapfish and 40% off at Shutterfly for Valentine's day so it's a nice way to give personal gifts to your friends and family. I should have shared this earlier but wanted to get in time-sensitive reviews first! :)

Here's a recipe for Roasted Ranch Cauliflower that A really enjoyed over the weekend and wants me to make again. It's not the ranch you'd expect - there's no creaminess at all but it's full of flavor:


LOFT Haul + Fried Chicken Strips!

I stopped by LOFT this week to return the Candy Dot Trench Coat (because it isn't really my style, I didn't love the fabric, and I prefer full length sleeves) and decided to browse a bit before leaving since there was a 40% off sale items promotion going on and ended up leaving with six items that cost way more than what I returned (story of my life). Here's snapshots of the items I didn't leave with:

Everything I tried on was petite-sized (I limit myself that way) and of the six items that I decided to get, pictured below, three weren't even on sale but I liked them too much to walk away without them so I'm on the lookout for a full-priced item online sale now, which LOFT tends to have every so often. :)

I really like the subtle white polka dots on pale blue of the Hidden Button Blouse I have on, which you can't quite see in the photo so here's a close-up below.

It's only available in solid colors online but can probably be found in stores. I also…

Monogram Fixation + Green Bean Salad

I'm not quite sure why, but it seems I'm on some kind of personal monogram fixation right now. I recently received my H&M online purchase, which included a top and backpack that have the letter "B" on it. The top has a chain link detail at the neckline, which is quite delicate and is unfortunately already coming apart since I carelessly threw it in the wash but I still like it with its subtle sheer leopard jacquard pattern. I might bring it to the tailor to take in the sides to make it more fitted on the body. The backpack is just really cute and I bought it in mind to wear it on my next hiking trip. I mentioned purchasing a "B" monogram necklace here and am happy with the size.

And from this post, I also have the Project Social T 'Varsity' Sweatshirt with "A" on it now.  I've always liked the idea of more personalized pieces but it's really a big ongoing trend right now, which is probably why it's so readily available eve…

Happy Valentine's Day! - Mouse Slippers + Curry Chicken Broccoli

I was very happily surprised when A gave me these Marc by Marc Jacobs Sleeping Mouse Slippers for Valentine's Day because I've been wanting them but couldn't justify spending so much on a pair of slippers. I'm very touched and love how cute they are. They're also super warm and comfy of course. He also crossed a few more things off my wish list - cute fox ring holders and a handy key stand for my iPhone that also has an app that lets you take photos with the clap of your hands. :)

A and I have decided to stay in and cook together this Valentine's Day. If you're doing the same, here's an easy but delicious recipe for curry chicken and broccoli:

Ingredients:1 tablespoon cornstarch2 teaspoons curry powder1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes1 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into cubes2 teaspoons canola oil, divided1 cup sliced fresh carrots…

Gym Uniform + Muscle Macaroni

Since I go to the gym consistently 5-7 times a week, Monday through Friday, (since January 2013, which I'm proud of!), I figure it'd be fitting to write a post on what I normally wear to the gym. After switching around between seamless spaghetti strapped tanks, oversize T-shirts, and loose-fitting tops, I've found that it's best to stick to the seamless spaghetti strap tanks so no fabric gets caught or is flapping around when working out, whether in classes, on an elliptical, or with weight machines.

I also rely on my trusty Nike gym bag everyday to haul my gym clothes, sneakers, lock, and other essentials. My typical workout at the gym is to attend Insanity, Sculpting, and Pilates classes, a 35 minute workout on the elliptical 3 times a week, and a weight machines routine 2 times a week. In warmer months, I like to go out and be active on weekends but since it's been so cold out and A is busy with school, I find I'm pretty sedentary on the weekends.

I decided …

Gap + Old Navy Reviews

After just posting on bottoms here, I actually picked up a few more pairs of pants from Gap and Old Navy's sales. I've been wanting to try Gap's petite 1969 legging jeans for a while since I hear they're great for petites and I do have to say the length is acceptable without tailoring but they're unfortunately going back because there's too much space around the hips for me. It's also important to note though that only these in the washed ink color fit well; I also purchased them in santa cruz blue and black but they unfortunately didn't fit as snugly. I already know Old Navy's Rockstar pants fit well on me and the petite Rockstar Twill Cargos in Olive Camoflauge caught my eye because of the cute print. After trying them on, I loved how comfy they are but wasn't sure if I should keep these or not since I can't see myself wearing them too often but A convinced me to keep them to wear with white shirts in the Spring/Summer. :)

When also poppin…

J.Crew Hughes Suede Purse Review + Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

The new J.Crew Hughes suede purse in J.Crew's newest circular caught my eye because I've been on the lookout for a grey bag and this seemed like it's the perfect size for me. I'm attracted to it's origami shape and zipper detail at the bottom. Since it's only available for purchase online, I decided to order it and see if I really do like it or not. I happily opened the package when it came in the mail and was skeptical at first because I do feel the quality of the gold hardware could be better and it bothers me that the shorter strap handle leans forward when worn with the long strap.

However, after inspecting it on me some more, I'm now torn on whether I should keep it or not but here are some pics of it on me if you're also considering buying it. It's definitely a good size for someone as petite as me.

As you can also see in the photo above, I have a new iPhone case for my iPhone 5S. Although I gave good reviews for the Apple iPhone 5S case here,…