Resolutions - Woodbury + Jersey Gardens Outlet Hauls

My resolution for 2013 was to exercise more by joining a gym and going as often as I could from Monday-Friday and I'm proud to say I've kept my promise to myself and have been going 5x a week ever since, sometimes twice in one day. I've lost a little over 5 pounds since then, and am looking to lose no more than 2 now. I notice minor differences in my arms, legs, and stomach and I definitely noticed that I got sick a lot less since then because my body is stronger now. It's so important to note that what you eat may be even more important if not just as important as exercising. I don't think I can ever give up any food since I'm a huge food lover but the key is moderation (which I should remember when I overindulge). I didn't make any resolutions this year but as you can see by now, I do shop a lot so I think I should really focus on being more selective with my purchases in selecting long-term pieces to build my wardrobe. And speaking of shopping, of course I went shopping at Woodbury Commons on the first day of 2014. :)

To quickly share what I purchased from there, below are photos of the tops, bag, and belt I bought from Ann Taylor Factory, J.Crew, and A/X.

From Ann Taylor Outlet: Cardigan sweaters and top. (*Please note the blue top has pilled right after washing!)
From J.Crew Outlet: Artist t-shirt and suede envelope clutch/chain bag.
From A/X Outlet: Definitely did not need this belt but it was only $6!

The actual reason we went to Woodbury was because my mom is looking for a new winter coat and boots. She found boots but unfortunately couldn't find a coat that fit her criteria - one that's down yet thin and lightweight and is mid-length on someone our height (she's just slightly taller than me). A snowstorm hit us on Friday and we crazily ventured out to the Jersey Gardens Outlet the very next day to take care of a Christmas exchange A's mom had to make. Even though I was only able to get to a handful of stores after helping A's mom deliberate for over an hour at Coach, I ended up happily leaving with some more things that won't fit in my closet. My first purchase is actually from Coach that caught my eye while I was waiting around, which is quite useless but is irresistibly cute and affordable at $18 - a polar bear Coach coin/card wallet. :)

Next stop was H&M, where I spent $40 for 3 items, all from the Girls section. I couldn't help buying this black jacket with gold hardware, which was marked down to $20. I had a hard time deciding between size 8-10Y or 10-12Y and finally decided to go with the 8-10Y even though the sleeves are a tad too short because I prefer it to be more fitted and slim throughout the body.

Left: Size 8-10Y. Right: Size 10-11Y.

I also picked up a super warm fleece in size 8-10Y as a lightweight layering piece under my wool coat for frigid days and a plaid button-down for $7 that caught my eye. I couldn't pass it up since it's so cheap and I like the size of the checkers, soft hand feel, and blue and white color much more than a black and white shirt I own that's similar from Gap Boys, which has a much more boxy fit.

Left to right: The jacket, the fleece, and the checkered shirt.

Lastly, I found a puffy coat for my mom from A/X! I tried it on to make sure I got the right size for her but after trying it on, I bought one for myself too! I like how lightweight it is and is also made of 70% down, which is warmer than the American Eagle one I own, which I posted about here. It comes with an optional belt, fur-lined hood, and inner sleeve layer for your wrists, which I really like since it means the sleeve length is perfect on me. I couldn't find the exact one online, but this Belted Long Puffer Coat looks similar but without a hood.

For those of you looking for cute leather/moto-style jackets, A/X also had a ton of them that I was very tempted to buy but held back because I don't need any more and would have to shell out more for sleeve alterations. Below are a few I quickly tried on:

The second and third jackets are the same but in different colors. I found it online but only in Cobblestone - Faux Fur Quilted Biker Jacket

After reflecting on this post, I realize I do have a resolution I should make and that is to try my best to floss and use mouthwash every night. When I went to the dentist last month, I didn't realize I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years, which was embarrassing to learn. Luckily enough, I don't have any major problems but didn't realize until after that visit just how important flossing is. I was never properly taught to floss and used to avoid it because it made my gums bleed but now I know that it means my gums are weak and need to be flossed more to strengthen them. If this is news to you like it is for me, please try to start flossing! It helps to prevent cavities and other issues you could easily avoid by doing so. Rinsing with mouthwash is important too to get rid of anything flossing may have missed. :)

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "A good time to finish up old tasks."


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