Blank NYC Leather Jacket, Ann Taylor/LOFT, + J.Crew Package Reviews

More packages have come in yet again! As mentioned here, I've been waiting a long time to finally be able to order the Blank NYC Faux Leather Jacket and have finally received it in Navy (though it's more of a royal blue) this week. All I have is a quick snap of me in it because I knew right away after trying it on that it's way too boxy in the shoulders for my frame as you can easily tell in the photo below.

Though that blue jacket didn't work out, I also received my LOFT package the same day and am keeping this Petite Sleeveless V-Neck Dress, which is also coincidentally the same blue color. I've always thought that LOFT and Ann Taylor's dresses were too big for me but surprisingly, this dress in size 00P actually fit very well. I wish the underarm area was a bit more fitted on me but won't be needing to take it to a tailor before wearing this out. I like the back zipper and pocket details, though I do wish the pockets were real. It's made of a nice thick material that is forgiving and doesn't seem like it would wrinkle. I like that this is a piece that could be worn to work or dressed up for a more formal event like a wedding.

LOFT Petite Sleeveless V-Neck Dress in 00P

The third package I received that same day was from J.Crew and I had almost forgotten I purchased this Leather travel wallet from them with a personalized 'B' on it. This will come in really handy when I travel overseas, which I do at least once a year for work. I like that there's a slot for my boarding pass, credit card, passport, and pen, which I always seem to be scrambling to keep together in my large aiport carry-ons.

Left: J.Crew's leather travel wallet closed. Right: J.Crew's leather travel wallet open, showing all the compartments.
 After seeing this Girls' denim jacket in harbor stripe in J.Crew's circular, I just knew I had to buy it to try it on because I've been wanting a denim jacket for a while now. I envisioned wearing it to Miami when I go there next but A has convinced me not to keep it. I have it on below in size 12.

J.Crew's girls' denim jacket in harbor stripe size 12

On that same day, I also made a quick stop into a LOFT store to make a return but ended up leaving with two items that cost more than what I returned, which is why I normally try to make a beeline for the register and then the exit but since I had some time, I decided to quickly browse the racks because of a 50% off select sale items promotion and online shopping just doesn't beat finding good deals in stores. I picked up a whole bunch of things to try on and a few are pictured below:

The denim button down is a good option if you're looking for one but it wasn't on sale so the only two pieces I went home with are the grey zippered sweater and brocade jacquard dress (#3 & 6). I really like the zipper on the sweater versus the normal buttons you would expect to see on a thick knit piece like this. Like the tulle and jersey-lined skirt I posted about here, I think I'm attracted to its unexpectedness and the juxtaposition of hard vs. soft materials. Since the blue Ann Taylor dress reviewed above fit so well on me, I decided to give LOFT's dresses another try with this gold brocade dress, which seemed like a great choice for a holiday party or formal event in the winter/fall. I was attracted to the gold brocade pattern of the jacquard dress and it fit well enough on me but I didn't make the final decision of buying it until I heard the price (on sale for $35). It is a little bit big on me in the chest/underarm area like the Petite Sleeveless V-Neck Dress but again, it isn't very noticeable. I would probably play around with different belts to bring it in when an occasion arises to wear this piece.

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "Find release from your cares. Have a good time. :)"


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