Throwback Thursday: Jamaica + Archery!

Temperatures are steadily dropping even more quickly now that Winter is almost here, which makes me miss all those trips I took back in September, such as the one to Jamaica. I actually will admit that I think I miss the daily breakfast buffets more than the hot weather even though it was horrible for my diet. I'm always torn between continuing to log everything I eat or stopping it when I'm on vacation because I do want to continue to be aware of how much I consume but at the same time, I want to enjoy myself and put all my  responsibilities on hold. Whichever I do, I usually end up indulging in whatever I want but I justify it by reminding myself I'm on vacation. The most important thing is to be happy! :)

ASOS Petite Knitted Dress with Open Shoulder

Colder weather means more indoor activities now. I tried archery for the first time and it was fun but I couldn't enjoy it to its full potential because my right eye is nearsighted and I'm right-handed. This same issue had me using my left hand to shoot at the first gun range I ever went to. I switched around between shooting with my right and left hands during archery because the string actually hurt my fingers quite a bit but hopefully I'll get better with practice.

Top: H&M, Shorts: H&M, Boots: BCBGirls Petler

Still looking forward to receiving some more packages from my shopping spree! Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "You will be successful in your career."


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