Throwback Thursday: The Everglades + LOFT Package!

It's December now! Time really does fly by the older you get. I just went to Miami last month but I'm already looking forward to my next annual escape there to get away from this cold weather. Here's a snap of me holding Snappy when I visited the Everglades:

Top: French Connection (old), Bottom: Urban Outfitters (old), Sunglasses: Chanel (old)

I'm embarrassed to admit this but after Black Friday, I was at one point, expecting 16 packages. In my defense, some of them are Christmas gifts but really, only about a handful are. I received my LOFT package yesterday and just want to quickly share the pieces I liked the most out of the many items I purchased. I've always liked LOFT and consider it my favorite petite-friendly brand because I almost always find something I like when I shop there but this time around, I noticed a lot more choices and styles offered. There were many lightweight jacket options and below are three I'm trying on but I think I will only keep the one on the far right, just because the material is extremely comfy and soft like a comforter, which makes me feel happy and cozy. (*Edit: Though it's so soft and cozy now, after washing, this material pills very easily so it may not be the best choice unless you care for it by dry cleaning.)
Left to right: Petite Textured Cotton Wool Sweater Jacket, Petite Melange Knit Moto Jacket, Petite Knit Moto Jacket
Here are two tees and a bib tank that I am debating on whether to keep or not:

Left to right: Petite Lace Sleeve Sweater Tee, Petite Tuxedo Bib Shell, Petite Velvet Burnout Tee
The cut of the Petite Tuxedo Bib Shell is a bit loose and low my but I think I like the bib design enough to keep it and try to shrink it in the dryer. I also purchased some long-sleeved tops I'm debating about:

Left to right: Petite Tweedy Sweater, Petite Lurex Striped Cotton Cardigan, Petite Mini Spot Print Collarless Utility Blouse
I do like the Petite Tweedy Sweater but I'm not sure if the tweed pattern is flattering on me. It seems like the Petite Lurex Striped Cotton Cardigan isn't available in Petite sizing anymore but I do think the sleeves are a bit long so I may return it. I like the print of the Petite Mini Spot Print Collarless Utility Blouse a lot but I'm not too fond of the cut of the shirt in the front, the sheerness of the material, and how the sleeves are also a bit long on me. Decisions, decisions... And last but not least, I decided to purchase the Petite Tulle Skirt below just to satisfy my curiosity because I've always wanted a tulle skirt even though I know it's impractical. Although I have no idea when I would ever wear such a skirt, I am leaning towards keeping it because I was pleasantly surprised to discover there is a heather grey jersey lining underneath the tulle. It's comfortable, very unexpected, gives it a hidden casual feel, and I love it. I've never really been able to define my style before but maybe this skirt represents it.

Left: Petite Tulle Skirt. Right: showing the soft, knit lining :)
Hope you have better luck with your shopping decisions! Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "You are endowed with strength of purpose and energy of will."


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