Petite-Friendly Clothing Brands + Zara Girls Purchase

Over the years, I've learned things the hard way when it comes to buying clothes that fit properly on my small frame. There was a point, I'll confess, when I was compelled to pick up every single item in a store like Forever 21 that was a size XS to try on, even if it was hideous, just because I found it so hard to find my size. Thankfully, I've moved on from that and am pretty confident in finding pieces from brands I'm experienced with that I know will flatter my frame. And to share my favorites, they are as follows:

In addition to American Eagle Outfitters (XXS), A/X Armani Exchange (XS), Forever 21 (XS), Guess (XS), H&M (2/XS), jcpenney (XS), J.Crew Petites (XXSP), Kenneth Cole (XS), LOFT Petites (XXSP), and Zara Girls (11-12/L), I also tend to find items that fit me from Burberry (2P), Ann Taylor Petites (XXSP), ASOS Petites (0/2), and Urban Outfitters (XS). Of all the listed brands, only Ann Taylor, J.Crew, and LOFT offer specifically petite sizing. Gap also offers petite sizing but I haven't had much luck with them, aside from the boyfriend button-down I purchased in XS from their Outlet store, shown here.

Since it's Black Friday weekend, I decided to do some shopping yesterday in stores (even though I've already done some major shopping online). I didn't expect to find much when I walked into Zara, since their sizing is a bit big on me, but I was happily surprised to discover many cute pieces in their Zara Girls line and on sale for Black Friday too! I picked up a bunch of things and left with 4 items. Of the items I tried on, these are the ones I decided to keep:

Left: Jacket with Zip ($29.99 $45.50),. Middle: Sweater (25.99 $39.90). Right: Vest ($19.99 $35.90), which I also bought in Beige
The only issue I have is the Jacket with Zip is one size too small, as you can tell by the sleeves  but I decided to purchase it anyway since I like it so much. I also decided to purchase the sweater one size smaller than usual because I liked it more fitted, which I'm wearing in the photo above. Below are two pieces I thought were cute but passed on them since I don't need any more light jackets:

Left: Combined Jacket ($39.99 $59.50). Right: Jacket with Zip (29.99 $49.50)
Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase of 4 items for under $100. :)

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "Don't be afraid of opposition; remember, a kite rises against the wind."


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