Happy 2014! - Poshmark + MIA Clarisonic Review

Happy New Year! I'm planning to renovate the house in this new year so have been stressing over selling multiple items that we don't need anymore that's taking up space. I decided to give the Poshmark app a try after it being recommended by a friend as a way to get rid of her unwanted clothing. She was successful because she bundled her items at low prices but the difference between us is that I'm selling new items and so am charging more for them, which is probably the reason why my items aren't quite selling. The only success I've had is a trade with another person. In exchange for my brand new Paola Ferri by Alba Moda Suede Booties, I received a pair of Cathy Jean boots that were worn once. I'm pleased with this exchange because the boots actually fit me and are something I would wear, versus those booties that I purchased on a whim during the closing hours of a store going out of business. All in all, Poshmark seems like a good option to try if you're looking to sell your uesd/new clothing, accessories, and shoes. Please note items can only be sold through its app and not the website, which actually is easy and convenient.I'll probably have a lot more to add after I do some Spring cleaning next season.

Left: my brand new Paola Ferri by Alba Moda suede booties. Right: The Cathy Jean boots I received in exchange.
Some of my items up for sale on Poshmark under @littlebrietta.

For Christmas, I purchased A the Clarisonic MIA 2 Cleansing System and upon opening the gift, he was slightly offended because he thought I gave him that because he has bad skin, which is not the case at all! I just really think the Clariosonic MIA (I have the original) is a great tool for cleansing your skin and it's made a big difference for me (unless it's just me aging) because I used to have a lot of acne and did use Proactiv before, which worked, but I hated the idea of being reliant on something for good skin. Since using the Clarisonic MIA for about a year now (and probably getting older), my skin is clearer now than it's ever been before and I've also seen the difference its made on other friends too so I just want to share that I think it can really improve your skin even if you don't have any problems with it. I hope A gets used to it and appreciates it. :)

Left: my MIA. Right: A's MIA 2.

And of course on the first day of 2014, I am going to go shopping at Woodbury Commons. Both hoping and not hoping that I score some new stuff. :)

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "The problems of today will be buried by the sands of time."


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