American Eagle Outfitters Package + Land's End Sweater Review

One of my last big packages came in from American Eagle Outfitters over the week and I've got two keepers. Actually, I love the pants I got so much that I purchased two more pairs of the Aerie Day to Night Silky Pants. I'm usually against stocking up on the same item but honestly, I've never tried on such soft, comfortable, lightweight pants. I've already received the extra pairs thanks to quick delivery but it's unfortunate to note that the ones I linked to are totally different from the original pair I bought. Even though they have the same name, they have different SKU #s so the original pair (SKU#000020806659) I'm wearing below is no longer available. Below that is a photo showing the differences. The ones available now are really not as nice on the body so I have returned them. I also purchased the AE Slouchy Cinched Pant to compare with it and they really are much more baggy and slouchy than I like so those went back as well. These pants I like so much are definitely not for cold winter weather but are perfect for hot/warmer weather. I'm looking forward to wearing them in the Spring already. What's nice is that they're the perfect full length on me since they're meant to be ankle length. The elastic waistband with adjustable tie is an added bonus to their comfort level. It is important to note that I did purchase them in Stone too but those had to go back because the lighter color showed all the wrinkles and did not look as great on as the True Black. To me, they're a combination of sweats and pajamas disguised as nice looking pants that can be easily dressed up or down, hence their name "Day to Night".

Top: Ann Taylor Factory (similar here), Pants: Aerie Day to Night Silky Pants, Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Hidden File' (old)

Excuse the bad picture quality - I lightened it so the differences can be more easily seen. Top: Original Aerie Day to Night Silky Pants with drawstring and really comfy material. Bottom: Aerie Day to Night Silky Pants with different SKU#, different waist and leg opening elastic finishing that is not flattering, and different material that is much more static-prone than the original.
The only other item I decided to keep out of some other skirts and tops I purchased is the Aerie Funnel Neck Zip Tunic. I've been looking for a very soft and comfy sweatshirt hoodie for a while now, ever since I realized how soft A's was. I've been unsuccessful looking for one similar to his in that same comfortable fabric until now. I wasn't particularly crazy about how it looks on me and the sleeves are a bit long but once I felt it and put it on, I was smitten. I tend to like to purchase items that can be worn both at work and on weekends and I don't think I would wear this to work but it's so cozy that I've decided to keep it, especially since I've been on the lookout for something like this. I also purchased the Heather Frost color to compare but prefer this Odyssey Blue. :)

Top: Aerie Funnel Neck Zip Tunic, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Hidden File' (old)
As mentioned in my last post, I think I should be moving on from purchasing from American Eagle Outfitters since I'm a bit older than their target audience now but I can't help perusing their site from time to time because their offerings have really gotten a lot better over the past few years and their size XXS fits pretty well on me, aside from how the sleeves are usually a bit too long. It doesn't hurt to look sometimes right? :)

Ever since animal sweaters have popped up everywhere, I've been wanting to purchase one just because they look so cute and comfy. I first tried out this Darling Penguin Sweater in both Women's size XS and Girl's M but it just didn't work out because though they fit (the Girl's was much more fitted, while the Women's was loose) and were really soft and comfy, it just made me look way too young. Since then, I've been keeping an eye out for another one and was happy to see the Women's Petite Long Sleeve Cotton Cashmere Intarsia Crewneck in Gray Frost Heather Sheep. I find the one little black sheep in a sea of so many white is so cute. I thought this was a much better purchase than the penguin sweater though it costs much more too. Even though I found it pretty cute, A wasn't having it so I decided to return it since it is pretty pricey, but for a cotton cashmere sweater, it's definitely very comfy and cozy. I'll still keep an eye out for an animal sweater, maybe something more subtle with just one sheep in the corner. :)

Leaving you with the fortune cookie quote, "A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work." (So true).


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