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Petite Shoe Brands - Heels, Flats, Sandals, + Boots

As promised, here's a post on shoes, of which I have a whole closet of and then some.

I remember I used to have a very hard time finding shoes that fit but nowadays, it really isn't an issue at all. I'm not sure if that's because brands have made size 5 more readily available or because I'm much more experienced now. I do believe that shoes are the most important accessory and that they really make an outfit. I should really take my own advice because I've been wearing my flats to death and have a hard time getting rid of them even though they're so beat up because they're so comfortable. I also shy away from wearing heels because of an injury from snowboarding a few years ago, which I really need to get over. Though my ankle is completely fine now (I couldn't wear heels for almost two years and was so afraid it'd be a permanent situation for me because heels are so vital for someone my height), I still have a subconscious fear and try to be ver…

Merry Christmas! - Holiday Party + Coach Borough Bag Review

I didn't intend to participate in karaoke at my company's holiday party but ended up singing Gangster's Paradise and of course failed to take photos of my outfit, which I fully intended to do. So here I am recreating what I wore to my holiday party afterwards with one of the only photos snapped of me that night. As promised here, this is how the Ann Taylor Outlet dress that I purchased looks after getting it hemmed about 4-5 inches shorter.

Since it's Christmas, I decided to buy myself a present (not like I haven't been these past few months!). I haven't ever been very fond of Coach's bags though I do think their Legacy line is a step in the right direction and was happy to see it unfold so it was a big surprise to me when an advertisement for their Borough Bag caught my eye. I ended up looking at reviews and then obsessing over it for about a day or two before taking the step to purchase it out of curiosity. I really don't need another black bag but …

American Eagle Outfitters Package + Land's End Sweater Review

One of my last big packages came in from American Eagle Outfitters over the week and I've got two keepers. Actually, I love the pants I got so much that I purchased two more pairs of the Aerie Day to Night Silky Pants. I'm usually against stocking up on the same item but honestly, I've never tried on such soft, comfortable, lightweight pants. I've already received the extra pairs thanks to quick delivery but it's unfortunate to note that the ones I linked to are totally different from the original pair I bought. Even though they have the same name, they have different SKU #s so the original pair (SKU#000020806659) I'm wearing below is no longer available. Below that is a photo showing the differences. The ones available now are really not as nice on the body so I have returned them. I also purchased the AE Slouchy Cinched Pant to compare with it and they really are much more baggy and slouchy than I like so those went back as well. These pants I like so much ar…

Throwback Thursday: Ombre Hair + Broccoli and Cashew Stir-Fry

I've always been against dying my hair because I'm concerned about my hair falling out since it runs in my family and I'm also worried about damaging it with bleach since my hair has never really been in great condition. However, last February, I decided to dye my hair ombre to blonde since I wanted to do something drastic and didn't want to regret never trying it. I felt it was the best time as any to do it since I'm not getting any younger. :)

Now that it's almost been a year, I've reflected back that I am glad that I did it but don't think I'll do it again. My hair is still healthy now but I don't like the idea of bleaching it so I plan on dying it all brown soon and then get some highlights in the summer, which doesn't require bleaching.

I'm going to be cooking a lot more at home instead of going out to eat since the weather is so wet and cold now, which is definitely healthier. Here's a yummy broccoli recipe I made back in May t…

Petite Outerwear Brands + Burberry Spotlight

It's always been difficult for me to find jackets and coats that really fit. My first winter coat purchase that I absolutely love and fit right off the rack is from the brand Salad in Hong Kong, which is unfortunately not accessible here so I always look forward to my business trips over there. I don't know if I'll ever be lucky enough to find something like this again so I'm really hoping this coat will last.

This above photo was actually taken on Tuesday and it was the first time it actually snowed and stuck in New York. I'm super bundled up here with a thick vest, light jacket, and tank top underneath to protect myself from the chilly weather. At the same time, I also purchased another coat by Salad (pictured below) with a detachable vest that I like to wear on the weekends with casual wear. The only thing I wish is that the sleeves are lined because though it's warm overall, my arms are usually cold when wearing this. It was a great jacket to wear to Icelan…

Throwback Thursday: Jamaica + Archery!

Temperatures are steadily dropping even more quickly now that Winter is almost here, which makes me miss all those trips I took back in September, such as the one to Jamaica. I actually will admit that I think I miss the daily breakfast buffets more than the hot weather even though it was horrible for my diet. I'm always torn between continuing to log everything I eat or stopping it when I'm on vacation because I do want to continue to be aware of how much I consume but at the same time, I want to enjoy myself and put all my  responsibilities on hold. Whichever I do, I usually end up indulging in whatever I want but I justify it by reminding myself I'm on vacation. The most important thing is to be happy! :)

Colder weather means more indoor activities now. I tried archery for the first time and it was fun but I couldn't enjoy it to its full potential because my right eye is nearsighted and I'm right-handed. This same issue had me using my left hand to shoot at the…

Winter Wedding + Boneless Buffalo Chicken Recipe

I love weddings! Yesterday, I attended the wedding of a good friend of A's.

It unfortunately started to rain and snow last night (which is ironic because the couple actually resides in Alaska), so I decided to add tights, a cardigan, and wear my platform suede heels from Payless instead of my Christian Louboutins to avoid getting them dirty. I'm looking forward to attending more weddings hopefully in warmer weather, now that all my friends are near that stage of their lives. :)

And to share a nice cold weather recipe, here's the first thing I ever made that A really likes and is healthier than the restaurant kind:

BRIETTA'S BONELESS BUFFALO CHICKEN RECIPEBlue-cheese dressing:2/3 cup reduced-fat sour cream2 tablespoon light mayonnaise2 tablespoon cider vinegar6 tablespoon crumbled blue cheese
Chicken:1/2 cup all-purpose flour1/4 cup whole-wheat breadcrumbs2 teaspoon cayenne pepper2 teaspoon salt2 egg whites6 tablespoon hot red pepper sauce (such as Frank's o Tabas…

Throwback Thursday: The Everglades + LOFT Package!

It's December now! Time really does fly by the older you get. I just went to Miami last month but I'm already looking forward to my next annual escape there to get away from this cold weather. Here's a snap of me holding Snappy when I visited the Everglades:

I'm embarrassed to admit this but after Black Friday, I was at one point, expecting 16 packages. In my defense, some of them are Christmas gifts but really, only about a handful are. I received my LOFT package yesterday and just want to quickly share the pieces I liked the most out of the many items I purchased. I've always liked LOFT and consider it my favorite petite-friendly brand because I almost always find something I like when I shop there but this time around, I noticed a lot more choices and styles offered. There were many lightweight jacket options and below are three I'm trying on but I think I will only keep the one on the far right, just because the material is extremely comfy and soft like a c…

Petite-Friendly Clothing Brands + Zara Girls Purchase

Over the years, I've learned things the hard way when it comes to buying clothes that fit properly on my small frame. There was a point, I'll confess, when I was compelled to pick up every single item in a store like Forever 21 that was a size XS to try on, even if it was hideous, just because I found it so hard to find my size. Thankfully, I've moved on from that and am pretty confident in finding pieces from brands I'm experienced with that I know will flatter my frame. And to share my favorites, they are as follows:

In addition to American Eagle Outfitters (XXS), A/X Armani Exchange (XS), Forever 21 (XS), Guess (XS), H&M (2/XS), jcpenney (XS), J.Crew Petites (XXSP), Kenneth Cole (XS), LOFT Petites (XXSP), and Zara Girls (11-12/L), I also tend to find items that fit me from Burberry (2P), Ann Taylor Petites (XXSP), ASOS Petites (0/2), and Urban Outfitters (XS). Of all the listed brands, only Ann Taylor, J.Crew, and LOFT offer specifically petite sizing. Gap also…