Who, What, and Why

Based in Brooklyn, New York, I'm very petite at under 5' and 93 pounds. Since I'm in the midst of a crazy shopping spree that tends to happen every few months, I've decided to finally share my finds. Now that I'm past my mid-twenties, I have a lot of experience under my belt with petite-friendly brands through much trial and error. Since I work in the fashion field, I am luckily not required to dress conservatively and can wear what I please so I tend to wear a mixture of classic and trendy pieces. I've been following bloggers Extra Petite, Wendy's Lookbook, and Lustforlife for a while now and really appreciate how much they have helped the petite fashion community. I find myself purchasing a number of their recommendations and want to contribute additional insight on items they feature that others may also be considering for purchase too.

Aside from shopping, I also love food - both eating out and cooking - which is why I've been going to the gym at least 4x a week Monday-Friday since January of this year. I made the decision to start going to the gym for the new year and have been committed to it ever since. I used to have a hard time getting myself to work out but now it's just a part of my regular routine (I go to a gym around the corner from work during my lunch hour) because being active is very important to me. Over the next few posts, I'll be introducing my favorite petite outerwear, pants, tops, shoes, bags, and accessories, while also posting outfits, recent reviews of purchases, and tidbits about food/fitness/travel. I'll also try to close with a fortune from a fortune cookie, which I've sheepishly been collecting:

"Willingness opens the doors to knowledge, direction, and achievement." 


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