June Haul + Mommy and Me Adidas EQTs

Now that I have baby A, I can't help wanting to purchase everything I get in kids size in her size too so that we can match, which you can see from the Adidas sneakers in this month's haul:

The Adidas EQT Support ADV sneakers were on sale for a great price, so I went in store to try it on and was pleasantly surprised. I'm lucky enough that I fit the size 3 and was able to pick them up for just $27.99 with a coupon code. I can't wait until baby A is big enough to fit them! :)

I've also tested them out and they were great for playing handball, unlike the Adidas Ultraboost I mentioned here.

Here's also some H&M fitting room photos of some items I thought were really cute, like the bird dress, though I didn't pick it up since I don't have anything to wear it to.

Leaving you with the quote of the day, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."-Thomas Edison

May Haul + Recent Highlights

May's haul is just a legging and pants picked up during a bachelorette trip to Montreal and some items from online shopping:

Here's a few snaps from the highlights of the month, including my trips to Montreal and Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard:

April Haul + Pizza Dough Recipe

I'm so behind in everything - baby A is starting to become much more mobile so I have less and less time on my hands now. I've also been traveling lately - to Montreal for a bachelorette trip and on road trips to Pennsylvania and Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard with family. I've missed traveling and look forward to our next little getaway. Here's April's haul, which was mostly things picked up while traveling, with the exception of some pieces from the Target Victoria Beckham collection (in kids) and some items picked up from the new Primark in Staten Island.

I have to mention that it's been a very long time since I've last owned a pair of Adidas sneakers but since their Ultraboost came out, A has been touting how comfortable they were and kept encouraging me to try a pair until I finally did and I have to admit, they are very comfortable and are more so than some of my Nikes. I ended up getting a really good deal on these Adidas Pure Boost x Training Reigni…

Binge Shopping Lately

For some reason, I feel like I always have a huge haul sometime in the Spring like I did this past month. I actually did check my past spending and coincidentally last shopped back in April of last year as well. I don't know what got into me this past month but I could not stop shopping! I ended up purchasing so much stuff, though thankfully not keeping all of it, but it's still a lot considering how I've curbed my spending lately. Here's some of the shopping I've done lately:

First up are these awesome ankle length paperbag pants from Express petites, which I love because they don't need any alteration in length (ankle length = full length on me) and the high-waist is very flattering. The pink blazer is from the new Primark that opened up in Staten Island, which is super exciting since I loved shopping there when I went to the locations in London and Ireland. It's from the kid's section, which is why it fits so well throughout. Lastly, the tre…

March Haul + J.Crew Coat in 000P

Thanks to a gift card I received in the mail as mentioned here, I ended up purchasing the J.Crew Belted zip trench coat in wool melton in size 000P to try. I've tried J.Crew's XXXS before back in 2014 as mentioned here, which fit way too tight throughout but was hoping their fit would be improved by now, especially since coats are usually cut with more room, and I was not disappointed.

I love how this fits perfectly throughout, especially the sleeves, which is always a big problem for me. The fabric is a bit on the stiff side but I hope it'll soften up with wear.

As mentioned here on how olive is big this season and how I'm really into it, I wish it were available in the Heathered Olive color, which I love, but was only able to buy it in Heathered Oatmeal, which I like, but don't think is practical enough for me to keep.

This month's haul is just one thing from Nordstrom, which is the dress mentioned here that I'll be wearing for my friend's wedding in…

Petite-Friendly Nordstrom Finds

Over the months, it's really become apparent to me that my favorite online retailer is Nordstrom. They have the best selection and return policy to me, which allows me to try what I want to my heart's content and to return whatever doesn't work out for me free of charge, without a deadline.

I was really hoping to love at least one of the Gibson tops I purchased from since the fabric is so soft and cozy but I didn't like any of them enough to keep. Despite that, they all did fit pretty well and I'll keep an eye out for the brand from now on.

Overall, I liked the Pink Smoke color the best, though A prefers the classic heather grey. The open shoulder style was my favorite and I like how it's open only on one side rather than the usual two sides. The open shoulder look is a big trend right now but I don't love how impractical it is in a sweater - it should keep you warm but I felt quite cold due to the open shoulder. I do love how cozy the exterio…

February Haul + Winter Wedding Wear

Now that it's Spring, I feel like it's time for a fresh change and am really feeling the colors olive and melon right now. :)

Although it's finally Spring, it still feels like winter out though you can surely tell the weather is slowly getting warmer, unlike the weather two weekends ago when I attended a friend's wedding. I thought the weather would be nice but it was extremely cold that night, leaving me worrying over what to wear - tights or no tights? I was still debating this question a mere three hours before the wedding when I realized I had purchased a floor-length dress that would be perfect! I bought it all the way back in November 2015 when I posted about it here and berated myself for not getting it shortened after I bought it but was so lucky my local tailor was able to do it in an hour!

It's perfect for a cold weather wedding because it's long and because of the length, I decided to wear a short leather jacket topped with a fur vest to balance out …